About Us

             Our Mission

Enable people to make wise financial decisions so they can live a better life.

               Our Vision 

Our vision is to be the No.1 financial information provider in Nepal. We aspire to make our website a central database by keeping systematic data & information related to financial, business & economic sectors. We provide investment decision-making platform through our up-to-date & easily accessible data & information, research-based analysis, financial charts & tools, and real-time news.


                         Core Values & Ethics

Trusted Content:

We believe in truth & originality. We discourage fabricated & plagiarized content. Our efforts will always be devoted towards producing genuine & innovative

Research Based Information Sharing:

We are driven to apply analytical & research-based approach while producing our content. Our teams’ endeavor will be directed to produce quality content through continuous research. Contents purely for a sensational purpose will be discouraged.

Team Work:

We promote teamwork and believe that we can achieve our purpose only through the combined efforts of our team. Open communication, coordination, interdependence, & collective decision making are the core values that will always drive our actions towards our objective.

Honesty, Integrity & Professionalism:

Honesty, Integrity & Professionalism is the basic principles that will guide our endeavor. Our actions will always be regulated by our principles and never influenced by any special interest. We shall be fair, free and uncompromising while performing our tasks.
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