January 15, 2020 / Business/Tech, Investor's blog

Connect IPS – Introducing a New Era in Digital Banking

DWAIPAYAN REGMI After Rastriya Banijya Bank and Agriculture Development Bank got involved with IPS System, there turned out to be...
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January 13, 2020 / Business/Tech, NEWS

Federal Government to establish Gemstone Processing Center in Surkhet

Jan 13, 2020| RSS A province-level gemstone processing center is to be set up in Surkhet. The federal government has...
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January 13, 2020 / Business/Tech, Investor's blog

Artificial Intelligence in 2020: How AI will shape your future?

DWAIPAYAN REGMI Do you remember how the ariel view used to be shot during 2010? One had to the charter...
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January 8, 2020 / Business/Tech, Investor's blog

Social Media Registration in Nepal- Benefits Around!

DWAIPAYAN REGMI The new law of IT Policy introduced by Government week back had several issues to discuss around. From...
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January 6, 2020 / Business/Tech, Investor's blog

6 Major Impacts of Increased Limitation over Online Transactions

DWAIPAYAN REGMI Nepal Rastra Bank has increased the limit for its electronic transactions. With the increase over the limit, there...
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January 1, 2020 / Business/Tech, Investor's blog

6 Challenges for Mobile Banking Apps in Nepal

DWAIPAYAN REGMI With the advancement in technology, there has been a rapid rise over the banking scene as a whole....
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December 31, 2019 / Analysis, Business/Tech, GLOBAL NEWS, Nepse & Others

Apple stock gains 84% in 2019, Back into the Trillions club

INVESTOPAPER 2019 was a great year for Apple shareholders as the stock price surged by 84% in a single year....
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December 24, 2019 / Business/Tech, Investor's blog

5 Reasons for Diminishing Nepali Film Industry

Dwaipayan Regmi Under Entertainment Industry - Movie making has been one of the high earning business across the globe. From...
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December 23, 2019 / Business/Tech, GLOBAL NEWS

10 Top earning YouTubers of 2019: Eight year old tops the list

INVESTOPAPER Youtube, the most popular video-sharing platform, has become the source of income for many. It allows the users to...
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December 17, 2019 / Business/Tech, NEWS

6,500 Industries operating without registration in Dang

Tulsipur, Dang | December 17 Most industries in Dang district are found operating without registering. The District Statistics Office Dang...
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December 16, 2019 / Business/Tech, Investor's blog

Electrified Nepal – Markets for electricity within Nepal

DWAIPAYAN REGMI With a rapid rise in the oversupply of electricity, Nepal is now seeking the market for its sale....
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December 16, 2019 / Business/Tech, GLOBAL NEWS

Movie Industry: Frozen 2 crosses $1 billion mark

INVESTOPAPER Frozen 2, the anticipated sequel to the 2013 animated movie ‘Frozen’ has crossed the $1 billion mark, as informed...
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