10 MW Kabeli ‘B’-1 Cascade Hydropower Project Connected To National Grid

March 9, 2022 | Investopaper

Electricity generation has started from the 10 MW Kabeli ‘B’-1 Cascade Hydropower Project in Panchthar. The project is a cascade project of 25 MW Kabeli ‘B’-1.  The project has generated electricity by using the water from the power house of Kabeli ‘B’-1.

The electricity generated from the project has been connected to the national transmission system from Tuesday. According to the promoter company Arun Valley Hydro Development Company, the project is connected to Amarpur substation of 132 kV Kabeli Corridor transmission line. The project is currently generating 5 MW of electricity. 

Due to the Corona epidemic, the construction of the project was delayed for about 5 months. The project has started generating electricity within 2 years of the start of construction.

The estimated cost of the project is about Rs. 2 billion. Kumari Bank under the leadership of Bank of Kathmandu, has invested Rs 1.40 billion as loan financing. Likewise, the remaining Rs 600 million is equity investment.

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