100 Km Road Blacktopped, 8 Bridges Completed During Lockdown

May 20, 2020 | Investopaper

During the government’s ongoing shutdown, 100 kilometers of roads have been blacktopped and eight bridges have been completed. According to the Department of Roads, roads and bridges have been constructed in various places based on the decision of the cabinet meeting not to stop the development work even during the shutdown.

Although some projects were slow and some were halted in Chaitra, construction was started in about 250 places in Baisakh. Roads and bridges are being constructed and maintained in all the three districts of Kathmandu Valley. The Division Roads Office is carrying out maintenance along with the construction while the Kathmandu Valley Road Expansion Project had started construction of infrastructure on the extended roads.

The department has stated that even though there are almost two months left in the current fiscal year, it is not possible to complete it in many places under construction. It is seen that it may be difficult to work due to pre-monsoon in some places where Covid-19 infection has not been observed. At the same time, the district administration office has tightened the pass for development. Protests have started from the general public at the places where the project is under construction. From picking up construction materials to carrying out construction work, drivers, workers and employees face suspicions from the community.

The department has constructed roads and bridges on various sections of Tribhuvan Highway, Koshi Highway and Mahendra Highway, Karnali Highway and Hulaki Highway. The Hetauda-Bhaise-Lamidanda road section of Tribhuvan Highway, Deurali-Mudhe section of Koshi Highway and Lamki-Attaria section of Mahendra Highway have been constructed. Periodic maintenance work is being carried out on Chure Hetauda section of Mahendra Highway. The Prithvi Highway Fisling-Jogimara section has been repaired several times. The Division Roads Office situated in Damak is constructing bridges and roads in Jhapa.

Construction of bridges along with roads has been started in various projects. Thimura bridge is under construction. The construction work of Budhi Khola bridge is in progress now. Road maintenance in Kalikot section of Karnali Highway and construction of Turiya Khola Bridge in Nawalparasi is in progress. Division Road Office Dang is constructing the sidewalk of the bridge.

The government has taken the work of the project under construction forward by adopting health precautions. Construction is moving forward by maintaining social distance at the construction site. The department has stated that the work is being done using masks and sanitizers to keep the workers in the same ‘close camp’ and not to crowd the places. Keeping in view the health of the common people, the government has extended the period of lockdown.


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