18 dollar whisky wins ” Best Scotch Whisky” award

February 28, 2019 | Investopaper

An 18 dollar bottle of Lidl Whisky has been named one of the best in the world at the World Whiskies Awards this Wednesday. The team of 40 international experts picked the Queen Margot Blend Scotch Whisky over other whiskies available in the market. This whisky is from budget German grocery chain Lidl.

The annual award event honors the very best in all internationally recognized style of drinks. The jury preferred Lidl’s whisky over other expensive whiskies such as Johnnie Walker Black Label with a history of more than one decade and costing twice as much as the winning whisky Queen Margot.

Lidl describes its Queen Margot blend imbued with dried apricot and plum as “smooth with a rich sweetness and depth of flavor, leaving a warm, lingering finish. Queen Margot spent eight years mellowing in oak casks, and as a result, “the taste holds more barrel character, where a little concentration from time in cask gives wood spice length of finish.”


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