Solu Khola Hydropower Project (23.5 MW) Connected To Solu Corridor Transmission Line

February 21, 2022 | Investopaper

The 23.5 MW Solu Khola Hydropower Project is connected to the 132 KV Solu Corridor transmission line. According to the developer company Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company, the electricity generated from the project has been transmitted to the Solu Corridor from Saturday. At current, 8 MW of electricity is currently flowing from the line.

Due to the problem of the transmission line, the company was losing an average monthly income of Rs 32.4 million. Even though there was no problem in dry season, the 23.5 MW project had to run at 6 MW in the rainy season. A large part of the revenue was being lost due to the obligation to divert 17 MW of electricity to the river during the rainy season.

The company has stated that the project will be able to operate at full capacity from the coming rainy season after the Solu Corridor transmission line comes into operation.

Projects including 82 MW Lower Solu, 86 MW Solu Dudhkoshi, 19.8 MW Upper Solu, 5 MW Junbensi are under construction in the Solu Basin to be connected to Tinla substation of Solu Corridor. The power projects constructed in this area in the Solu Corridor will be able to supply 325 MW of electricity.

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