2 Companies distributing cash dividend

January 27, 2020 | Investopaper

After the approval from the Annual General Meeting (AGM), two companies have started distributing the cash dividend to the shareholders. The companies have requested the shareholders’ to update the bank account number in their DMAT account for the distribution of cash dividend. Likewise, those who have physical shares should open the DMAT account and convert the shares into DMAT.

The companies include:

Kailash Bikas Bank

Kailash Bikas Bank is distributing a 2.77 percent cash dividend to the bank account of shareholders. The AGM of the bank was held on Poush 25, 2076.

Kanchan Development bank

Similarly, Kanchan Development Bank is also distributing a 6 percent cash dividend in the bank account of the respective shareholders. The AGM of the company held on Poush 29, 2076 has approved the dividend.


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