3 cheap stocks to include in your portfolio

June 14, 2019 | Investopaper

The stock market provides one after another opportunity to share investors.  When the market is bullish, you have an opportunity to sell your shares at a high price. Similarly, the bear market gives you a chance to buy shares at a bargain price. If you are a rational investor, you can profit from different sentiments of the stock market.

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Stock investors must be focused on his/her portfolio. You need to revise your portfolio in order to get the maximum return on your investment. What may be a good investment now may not be suitable after a certain time period. Likewise, you have to mix up your portfolio to diversify the risk. You should include blue-chip stocks to maintain stability during the poor market run but also include some risky stocks with huge opportunities that can boost your return. On the other hand, buying cheap stocks having future growth potential and providing a reasonable return can also be a good investment. So, today we discuss 3 cheap stocks which are trading in Nepalese stock market at a low price that can be a good inclusion to your portfolio.

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3 cheap stocks to include in your portfolio

1. Mega Bank Nepal Limited (MEGA)

Mega Bank’s stock was one of the promising stocks in the banking sector when the company issued an IPO in 2013 but it could not meet the expectations of the investors. Although the merger took a very long time, the bank finally merged with Tourism Development Bank. Post-merger, the company has published a good financial report. The net profit of the company increased by outstanding 132 percent hitting the figure of 1.21 Arab until the third quarter of the F.Y. 2075/76. The paid-up capital of the company stands at 10.39 Arab and one can expect a satisfying dividend this year. EPS of the company stands at 15.79. LTP of the company stands at Rs. 201 (As of Jestha 30, 2076).

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2. Soaltee Hotel Limited (SHL)

Hotel sector which includes three stocks under its belt has been the winner in the stock market in recent times. Inclusion of hotel stock can be a good diversification strategy. All three stocks i.e. Taragaon Hotel, Oriental Hotel, and Soaltee have performed better in the share market. Talking about Soaltee Hotel, the company’s net profit rose by more than 50 percent this quarter and the EPS of the company stands at Rs. 3.47 which is because the company issued shares at a par value of Rs.10 per share. The revenue rose to 131.88 crores. The company has always provided a good dividend to its shareholders and one can expect the same this year. LTP of the company stands at Rs. 233 (As of Jestha 30, 2076).

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3. Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited (SHINE)

This regional level development bank operates in 10 districts of the western region of Nepal. As of the third quarter, the bank has good fundamentals. The company has provided good dividends to the shareholders until now and one can expect to get a good return in the coming years. The company is looking to upgrade itself to a national level development bank. Recently, it has signed an acquisition agreement with Purnima Bikas Bank based on Rupandehi and Bhargav Bikas Bank based on Nepalgunj.  With the acquisition of Purnima and Bhargav Bikas Bank, the fundamentals of the bank will get stronger. Similarly, the management is capable to establish the bank as a reliable and growing financial institution among the customers and stakeholders. The current price of the company is Rs. 260. See the exclusive financial analysis of Shine Resunga Development Bank.

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