37 Local Level Yet To Submit The Budget For FY 2077-78

November 8, 2020 | Investopaper

Even after four months of the current fiscal year, 37 local levels across the country have not yet submitted their budgets for the fiscal year 2077-78.

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has repeatedly pointed out that 37 local levels have not submitted the budget yet. The local level, which passed the budget last Ashad, has to submit the budget to the ministry.

Province No. 2 has the highest number of local level not submitting details. Out of 136 local levels in Province 2, only 104 have submitted budget while 32 local levels have not submitted budget yet.

Similarly, there are two local levels in Province No. 1, 32 in Province No. 2, two in Bagmati Province and one in Far-Western Province. Sankhuwasabha of Bhotkhola and Tehrathum of Menchyayem have not submitted their budgets. Likhu Tamakoshi of Ramechhap and Rasuwa of Amachhoding are the municipalities of Bagmati and Bajura of Budhiganga of the far western region. According to the law, all local levels have to pass the budget by Ashad 10.


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