4 Hydropower Comparison: Which one is the better?

August 11, 2019 | Investopaper

Here, we try to make a comparison of the performance of the following 4 hydropower companies:

—Arun Kabeli Hydropower

—National Hydropower

—Ngadi Group Power

—Radhi Bidyut Company

Note: The performance is based on the unaudited fourth-quarter report of the fiscal year 2075/76. The indicators may vary after the audit of the report.

Comparison of the Performance of 4 Hydropower

Arun Kabeli Hydropower is yet to generate electricity. So, its income from electricity sales is nil. The company is currently developing 25 megawatts (MW) Kabeli B-1 Hydropower. Radhi Bidyut Company has the highest income of Rs. 14.58 crores from the sale of electricity. Ngadi Group and National Hydropower generate income of Rs. 10.67 crores and Rs. 5.40 crores respectively from the electricity sales.

Similarly, Radhi Bidyut Company also leads in net profit category. The company has a net profit of Rs. 5.53 crores. Ngadi Group Power is a close second at 4.17 crores. Likewise, Arun Kabeli Hydropower has the highest paid-up capital of Rs. 150 crores, followed by National Hydropower with the capital of Rs. 138.59 crores. However, Radhi Bidyut leads in the total reserve with Rs. 10.41 crores. Arun Kabeli and National Hydropower have negative reserves of Rs. 1.55 crores and Rs. 40.53 crores respectively. Also, Arun Kabeli has a total loan of Rs. 307.42 crores. The loans of National, Ngadi, and Radhi stand at Rs. 10.75 crores, Rs. 32.10 crores and Rs. 27.91 crores.

Likewise, Radhi Bidyut Company leads in EPS with Rs. 11.67 and Networth Per Share with Rs. 121.08. The net worth per share of Arun Kabeli and National Hydropower is below 100. The comparison of these 4 hydropower companies is summarized in the table below:

HEADINGS Arun Kabeli Hydropower National Hydropower Ngadi Group Power Radhi Bidyut Company
PAID-UP CAPITAL  (RS. ‘Crores’) 150 138.59 53.56 47.36
RESERVE AND SURPLUS (RS. ‘Crores’) -1.55 -40.53 4.52 10.41
LONG TERM LOAN (RS. ‘Crores’) 307.42 10.75 32.1 27.91
INCOME FROM ELECTRICITY SALES  (RS. ‘Crores’) 5.4 10.67 14.58
NET PROFIT  (RS. ‘Crores’) 0.0028 0.92 4.17 5.53
EARNINGS PER SHARE, EPS (Rs.) 3.22 10.38 11.67
NET-WORTH PER SHARE (RS.) 98.97 70.76 108.44 121.98
CURRENT RATIO 0.2 2.02 1.28 0.89
MARKET PRICE PER SHARE (Rs. ) 160 64 120 149
P/E ratio 19.86 11.56 12.77


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