40 Percent Of Industries Operating At Full Capacity

July 10, 2022 | Investopaper

As per ‘National Industrial Survey 2076’ published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), there are a total of 60,185 industrial establishments in Nepal.

About 56,611 industries are in operation in the manufacturing sector. Similarly, 356 industrial establishments are operating in the mining and quarrying sector, 994 in the electricity and gas production sector, 2,224 in the water supply, sewerage and waste management sector. 

The survey was conducted by the Central Bureau Of Statistics Office from Shrawan 1, 2075 BS to the end of Ashad, 2076 BS. 

According to the survey data, about 39.9 percent of industries are operating at full capacity. Likewise, 18.7 percent of the industries are operating at 75 to 99 percent capacity, 29.1 percent of the industries are operating at 50 to 74 percent capacity, 10.3 percent of the industries are operating at 25 to 49 percent capacity and the remaining industries are operating at less than 25 percent production capacity.

Similarly, about 76 percent of the industrial establishments operate 270 days a year. Similarly, 19 percent of industrial establishments have been operating for 180 to 269 days, 4 percent of industries operate for 90 to 179 days and the remaining 1 percent for less than 90 days annually.

The total assets of the existing industry stood at Rs. 619.51 billion. The number of people involved in such industries is 491,227 out of which 381,687 are directly employed. A total of 444,964 people are involved in the manufacturing sector alone.


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