5 Reasons for Diminishing Nepali Film Industry

December 24, 2019 | Dwaipayan Regmi

Under Entertainment Industry – Movie making has been one of the high earning business across the globe. From Hollywood to Bollywood – personalities involved within this venture equally turn out to be the highest paying celebrities. They have been making huge earning.

At the time when Bollywood movies have been making impressive earning from Nepal itself, it is a sad side that Nepalese movies industry are not gaining the expected level of hype that it had to. There certainly lies the reason behind this. Here we discuss major reasons why the Nepalese movie industry has been failing to kiss economic success.

The following reasons explain why the Nepalese movie industry fail in larger success.

Influence of the Bollywood Industry in Nepal

Acknowledging the negative sides of globalization, this phase has turned out to be impactful. Primarily, Nepalese movies barely make its impact up to the mark. And then, it has to meet competition with one of the greatest industry – Bollywood. Why would someone prefer seeking Nepalese poorly made story leaving Bollywood movie at the same price? Even if someone visits a movie hall, and find the choices – they opt for Bollywood than domestic production. This competition has turned out to be expensive.

Lack of Planning

Nepalese movies lag in planning in a lot of expectations. From, deciding stars, planning the date of release to determining areas of release – they seriously lag in planning. These movies go into waste and remain unwatched at a lot of times. The producer’s team fails to predetermine their target audiences, and hence go for a haphazard way of the business failing in the entire struggle.

Death of DVD Sales

Gone are the days when people save movies in the form of CDs or DVDs. The practice of CDs and DVDs rent has all dropped down. So, it’s in a movie theater – or people tend to wait over on YouTube. Nothing except that. This has brought negative consequences in movie watching culture at large scale. If people miss it out in movie theater – they don’t have a choice. It seems that efforts are being made from DishHome and other platforms – but it has not yet ensured success.

Poor Content

Content-wise, Nepalese story, presentation and entire work out seem to be entirely poor. The reason, why they turn out to be poor has two broad aspects – one because they seriously lag in terms of quality and second because audiences compare with something else – Bollywood, and hence it turns out to be poor thereby. It seems that they make a movie because they have to – without much creativity, or much of the thought. And hence, they fail down!

Promotion Failure

It is not that the Nepalese movie industry doesn’t make quality movies at all. They do. Why did such a nice movie Mokshya fail to gain hype? Was not the story of Bhakta Raj Acharya good enough in the movie Acharya? There are good movies, just that they similarly lag in the promotion. At times, these promotions are made at large scale but without identification of prospective audiences. Like the way, Love Sasa promoted within every bar of K-Town, it had to be promoted in remote regions instead.


There lie enough scope and potentials about the movie industry. Nepal is a small market, and they’re certainly would lie enough opportunities – but in the meantime, there are huge potentials. Nepal’s market is divided and hence the movie should trace out whom it is going to target – those bar going youths of big cities, those Hollywood watching bunches of those youths from villages. Only then this business will find its way out and stand strong.


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