6,500 Industries operating without registration in Dang

December 17, 2019 | Investopaper

Most industries in Dang district are found operating without registering. The District Statistics Office Dang stated that out of the 14,421 industries in operation in Dang, only 7,903 were registered.

Office Chief Tulsiram Pokhrel said 6,518 small industries are operating without registering with the district industries registrar’s office.

“We have collected statistics on industries operating in Dang. It is found that among these industries most are operating without getting themselves registered and they should be brought under the process,” he said.

Out of the 10 local levels in Dang, the highest number of industries is operating in Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan City. Five thousand 219 industries are found operating in Ghorahi and among them, 2,139 are not registered.

Similarly, 3,688 industries are in operation in Tulasipur Sub-metropolitan City. Of these industries, only 1,977 are registered while 1,711 are found unregistered.

Likewise, out of the 1,343 industries operating in Lamahi Municipality, 762 are registered while 581 are not registered, Pokhrel said.

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