92 Percent Paddy Plantation Completed So Far

August 22, 2023 | Investopaper

About 92 percent of the available arable land has now been cultivated so far. According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, 14,88,049 hectares of land is designated for paddy production throughout the country. As of Bhadra 1, an expansive area spanning 13,75,134 hectares has already witnessed the conclusion of rice plantation.

Comparatively, during the corresponding period last year, the planting endeavor had encompassed an even broader terrain, registering completion in 95 percent of the area. However, the present year’s achievement of 92 percent remains notable and reflective of the ongoing agricultural efforts.

A closer look at regional discrepancies highlights that the Madhes province has achieved the least progress, with 82 percent of planting completion recorded. The province also boasts the highest aggregate cultivation area of 416,650 hectares. Currently, a sizable expanse measuring 331,165 hectares within this province has undergone the planting process.

Meanwhile, notable strides have been taken in Karnali and Sudurpaschim provinces, where an impressive 99 percent of planting has reached fruition. Similarly, the Koshi province has achieved 97 percent completion, with Bagmati following at 93 percent, Gandaki at 94 percent, and Lumbini at 95 percent, respectively.


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