Agriculture Ministry Writes To Home Ministry For Ensuring Smooth Supply

June 3, 2020 | RSS

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to make arrangements for the smooth and easy transportation, sale and distribution of agriculture produce produced within the country.

In a letter to the Home Ministry, Agriculture Ministry secretary Rajendra Prasad Bhari stated that the provinces and the local levels were preventing the transportation, sale and distribution of the agriculture and livestock products produced and brought from within the country. He stated that the provinces and local levels even confiscated and destroyed such products.

The Agriculture and Livestock Development Ministry has urged the Home Ministry for its good offices to stop these kinds of activities and the local levels not to indulge in such destructive acts.

Secretary Bhari also stated that these kinds of irresponsible acts of the province and the local levels not only destroyed the agriculture produce leading to the loss but also discouraged the farmers resulting in reduced production and obstruction of the supply chain of basic foodstuff.


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