Arghakhanchi Cement to Float IPO Through Book Building Process

January 13, 2022 | Investopaper

Arghakhanchi Cement Limited is planning to issue an initial public offering (IPO). For this purpose, the company is taking the agenda, to its 23rd annual general meeting (AGM) to be held on Magh 5, 2078 BS, seeking permission to sell the shares to the public.

If approved by the AGM, the company will begin the procedures regarding the issue of IPO. The company has plans to float the IPO through the book-building process.

Book Building is an alternative method of the public offering. In this method, the issue manager or book runner creates, collects, and records the demand for securities from the investors to determine the true value of the securities. The issue manager or the underwriter determines the price of the public issue based on the demand from various potential investors.

Through Book Building Method, a company wishing to issue shares at a premium will be able to issue an Initial Public Offering (IPO) at more than Rs 100.

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