Asha Laghubitta reports astounding growth; Profit increases by 253 percent

July 26, 2019 | Investopaper

Asha Laghubitta has reported spectacular growth in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2075/76. The net profit has grown by 253 percent. The fourth-quarter report of Asha Laghubitta is summarized in the table below:

Asha Laghubitta Fourth Quarter, F.Y. 2075/76

PAID-UP CAPITAL (Rs. In crores) 20.74 14 48.14
RESERVE (Rs. In crores) 3.9 0.008 48650.00
BORROWINGS (Rs. In crores) 119.83 89.72 33.56
DEPOSITS (Rs. In crores) 49.76 25.73 93.39
LOANS  (Rs. In crores) 189.26 127.54 48.39
NET INTEREST INCOME (Rs. In crores) 11.51 6.09 89.00
PROFIT (Rs. In crores) 3.92 1.11 253.15
NON PERFORMING LOANS, NPL (%) 1.49 0.78 91.03
COST OF FUND (%) 11.05 11.36 -2.73
P/E RATIO (based on the price of Ashad 31, 2076) 20.91

Paid-up Capital and Reserve of Asha Laghubitta

Asha Laghubitta has a paid-up capital of Rs 20 crores 74 lakhs in the fourth quarter of 2075/76. In the previous year, the paid-up capital stood at Rs. 14 crores. So, the capital has increased by 48 percent.

Likewise, the reserve stood at Rs. 3.90 crores at the end of fiscal year 2075/76. This is much higher than the reserve of Rs. 76 thousand last year.

Borrowings, Deposits, And Loans of Asha Laghubitta

Asha Laghubitta until the fourth quarter has borrowed Rs. 119.83 crores, up from Rs. 89.73 crores in the previous year. The borrowings have increased by more than 33 percent.

Similarly, the microfinance is able to collect the deposit of Rs. 49.76 crores. This is 93 percent higher than the deposit of Rs. 25.73 crores in the previous fiscal year.

Likewise, Asha Laghubitta has provided loans of Rs 189 crores and 26 lakhs until the fourth quarter of 2075/76. Last year, the microfinance had a loan portfolio of Rs. 127.54 crores. This is the growth rate of 48 percent in a year.

Net Interest Income and Net Profit of Asha Laghubitta

The net interest income of Asha Laghubitta stands at Rs 11 crores and 51 lakhs in the fourth quarter. It has surged by 89 percent. The net interest income stood at Rs 6.09 crores in the previous year.

Likewise, the net profit has inclined by a stunning 253 percent in this fiscal year. At the end of the fiscal year 2075/76, the net profit stands at 3.92 crores. It was Rs. 1.11 crores in the previous fiscal year.

NPL and Cost of Fund 

The Non-Performing Loans (NPL) has increased hugely by 91 percent. It stands at 1.49 percent which was 0.78 percent in the last fiscal year. Likewise, the cost of the fund of Asha Laghubitta in the fourth quarter of 2075/76 stands at 11.05 percent. This is slightly lower than the previous years 11.36 percent.

EPS and Networth per share

The Earnings Per Share (EPS) is Rs. 18.89. Similarly, the net-worth per share stands at Rs. 118.78.

Market Price Per share and P/E ratio

Asha Laghubitta share price closed at Rs. 395 at the end of 2075/76. At this price, the stock has a P/E ratio of 20.91. The stock of the company is reasonably priced based on its growth rate.


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