Average Salary In Nepal Only Rs 20,543

October 6, 2020 | Investopaper

The average monthly salary of the employees working in various professional and other organizations across the country is only Rs. 20,543. Recently, a separate report on the salary and remuneration of employees has mentioned that the monthly salary of employees working across the country is Rs.20,543. According to the report, 1.7 million people are involved in various organizations across the country.

The average monthly salary of an employee working in a large organization is 26,700 rupees while that of an employee working in a medium type organization is 25,800 rupees. Similarly, it has been found that the employees working in small scale organizations get an average monthly salary of Rs 16,768. Likewise, the employees working in micro organizations have received a salary of Rs. 16,100. The large organizations spend Rs. 175 billion annually, medium organizations Rs. 39.59 billion, small organizations Rs. 110 billion and micro organizations Rs. 96.55 billion annually.

Salary Expenses 16.9 Percent Of Total Income

About Rs. 421.31 billion has been spent annually on the salaries of the total employees included in the study. However, the share of salary in the total income earned by such organizations included in the study is very low. The report covers 219,300 organizations across the country with an annual income of Rs 2,486.11 billion. Out of that, the annual expenditure of such organizations including salaries is Rs. 1783.35 billion. The remaining Rs 702.75 billion was earned in the report. The share of profit in the total revenue is 28.3 percent. Similarly, salary expenditure is only 16.9 percent of the total income. That is, the profit made by such organizations is Rs. 281 billion more than the salaries of the employees.

The study has also covered the salaries of the managers to the employees working in the organization for six months and the temporary employees. Remuneration and salary provided in the form of cash, bonuses provided during Dashain and other festivals, leave allowance, contribution made by the employer in social security are also included in the study.


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