Bagmati Province Contributes 36.8 Percent To National GDP, Karnali’s Contribution At 4.1 Percent

May 17, 2023 | Investopaper

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics , the gross domestic product of Nepal this year is estimated to be around Rs. 53.81 Kharba. Out of which, Bagmati Province has the highest contribution of 36.8 percent, while Karnali Province will have the least contribution of 4.1 percent only.

The total domestic product of Bagmati Province is estimated to be around 19.81 Kharba. Likewise, the GDP of Karnali Province will be about Rs. 2.21 Kharba.

After Bagmati Province, the provinces that contribute more to the GDP are Koshi, Lumbini, Madhes, Gandaki and Sudurpaschim respectively with Rs. 8.49 Kharba, Rs. 7.62 Kharba, Rs. 7.07 Kharba, Rs. 4.82 Kharba, and Rs. 3.76 Kharba respectively.

The growth of national GDP is estimated at 1.86 percent in the current year. Among the provinces, the economic growth rate of Gandaki province is estimated to be the highest at 3.3 percent while the growth rate of Bagmati province is estimated to be the lowest at 1.4 percent.

The contribution of agriculture sector is highest in all provinces except Bagmati province, while the contribution of wholesale and retail trade sector is highest in Bagmati province.


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