Bagmati State Assembly Passes Policy And Programmes

May 28, 2020 | RSS

The Bagmati State Assembly has passed the policy and programmes of the State government for the fiscal year 2020/21.

A meeting of the State Assembly on Wednesday passed the policy and programmes after the Chief Minister Dormani Poudel furnished reply to the questions raised by the Assembly members during discussions on it.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister said the policy and programmes was focussed on providing sustainable peace and security to the citizens of the province by adopting the guidelines of the constitution, on moving ahead the projects of national pride and on measures of prevention and control of the coronavirus pandemic.

He reiterated that the State government has allocated budget with the goal of making the youths returned from foreign employment self reliant by providing them employment in agriculture, livestock and cottage industries.

Chief Minister Poudel said Rs 130 million has been earmarked towards disaster management for providing uninterrupted services to the people affected by coronavirus in various districts and local levels of the Bagmati province. He said in addition to this Rs 177.2 million has been allocated for establishment of isolation quarantines and management of medical supplies at the COVID-19 Treatment Special Hospitals in the State.

Chief Minister Poudel argued that the State government has allocated budget in a judicious manner for the construction of the projects of national pride and fulfilling the basic development needs of the people.

Bagmati government to operate media

Meanwhile, the Bagmati state government is to operate the print and electronic mass communication media. The State will make the necessary arrangements in the upcoming fiscal year for setting up a media house for the operation of online, radio, television and print media.

Chief Minister Poudel said the province government will also operate a printing press with the plan of printing the government documents and publicity materials.

He informed that the policy and programmes also has made provisions for establishing and operating e-libraries, information bank, information centre and free Wi-Fi zones in the Bagmati province.


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