BMW Formally Introduced In Nepal

October 15, 2020 | Investopaper

Laxmi Group has formally introduced BMW in Nepal. Laxmi Premium is the official dealer of BMW vehicles for Nepal. Laxmi Group, which had signed a dealership agreement with a German company BMW at the end of 2014, had set a target of bringing vehicles to Nepal and selling them by 2015. However, the plan to import BMW, which has been pushed back due to various reasons including the earthquake, has finally come to fruition in July 2020.

According to Laxmi Premium, 21 BMW vehicles of different series have entered Nepal in the first phase. The company has introduced X series, 5 series and 7 series BMW vehicles in Nepal Nepal. The X Series is a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) vehicle. BMW has named the SUV version SAV. Similarly, 5 series and 7 series are sedan cars.

X-Series BMW (SAV)

In Nepal, four models including X1, X2, X3 and X5 have been introduced in the SAV version. The X series vehicles entering Nepal are midsize crossover SUVs. Lakshmi Premium has brought BMW vehicles made in USA and Germany to Nepal. The BMW X3 is available in two options, a plug-in hybrid that runs on both battery and petrol and an X-Drive 30E with a fully petrol engine. The X5 is also a plug-in hybrid vehicle. The hybrid X3 uses a 12-watt battery, while the X5 X Drive 45E has a 24-kilowatt battery.

The X3 Hybrid can run from a battery up to a speed of 35/40 kmph, while the automatic petrol engine starts working as soon as it reaches a speed of more than that. The X5 model can run on batteries up to a speed of 80 kmph, while the engine will run on speeds above that, the company said.

The X1 and X2 have a 1500 cc petrol engine, the X3 a 2000 cc and the X5 a 3000 cc petrol engine. According to the company, all the vehicles are powered by Twin Turbo engine. The price of the X series ranges from Rs 1.90 crores to Rs 4.16 crores.

BMW 5 Series And 7 Series

The 5 Series of the sedan version is also a plug-in hybrid vehicle. The 5 Series BMW 530E uses a 12 kWh battery. This vehicle runs on batteries at speeds of up to 30 kmph and engines at speeds of more than 30 kmph. The BMW 7 Series is a super luxurious sedan car. The Plugging Hybrid 7 Series BMW 745 LE also has a 12 kWh battery. This vehicle starts from the battery at a speed of up to 46 kilometers per hour and from the engine as soon as it reaches a higher speed. The company has priced the car at Rs 4.90 crores. The 7 Series is the most expensive and luxurious BMW vehicle imported into Nepal.



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