Bullion Update: Gold Trading at Rs 92,100 per Tola

November 28, 2021 | Investopaper

The price of gold has inclined in the domestic market on Thursday (Mangsir 12, 2078 BS).

The fine gold is trading at a price of Rs. 92,100 per tola. The gold price increased by Rs 200 per tola. Gold traded at Rs 91,900 on Friday (Mangisr 10, 2078 BS).

Likewise, the Tejabi gold is trading at the price of Rs. 91,600 per tola.

However, the price of silver decreased by Rs. 155 and is trading at Rs. 1,210 per tola.

On Shrawan 23, 2077 BS, the price of gold reached an all-time high of Rs 1,03,500 per tola.

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