Capital Expenditure at Only 44 Percent in 11 Months

June 16, 2024 | Investopaper

In the first eleven months of the current fiscal year 2080/81, the government’s capital expenditure has reached only 44.67 percent.

During this period, the government spent 72.6 percent of its annual target for current expenditure and 72.7 percent for financial management, according to the Office of the Comptroller General.

The government had allocated a total budget of Rs. 1.751 trillion for the fiscal year, out of which Rs. 1.142 trillion was designated for current expenditure. By the end of Jestha, Rs. 822.81 billion of this amount had been spent.

For capital expenditures, the government had allocated Rs. 302.07 billion, but only Rs. 134.98 billion had been spent by the end of Jestha, which is 44.68 percent of the initial target.

In terms of financial management, Rs. 307.45 billion was allocated, and 72.7 percent or Rs. 223.51 billion was spent. This budget is primarily used for paying off government debts.

Government revenue collection until this period was only 64.15 percent of the annual target. The government aimed to collect Rs. 1.472 trillion in revenue for the fiscal year but had managed to collect only Rs. 944.59 billion so far. Of this, the target for tax revenue was Rs. 1.305 trillion, but only 63.5 percent or Rs. 829.04 billion had been collected.

For non-tax revenue, the government aimed to collect Rs. 117.06 billion, but only 77 percent or Rs. 90.01 billion had been collected.

The government also aimed to raise Rs. 49.94 billion in foreign grants, but only 5.52 percent or Rs. 2.76 billion had been received.


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