Highlights of Consumer Electronics Show 2019

January 6 , 2019 | Investopaper

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is being held every year in Las Vegas ever since its inception in 1967. Since then, it  has been a place to showcase and reveal the latest products for the tech’s major companies. The consumers will get to know what lies the year ahead that the big tech companies will bring into offering for them. Also new hottest gadgets and technologies are introduced in the show by start-up companies. Consumer Electronics Show 2019 will officially run from January 8 to January 12. The expected revelations from the show are:

In concept cars and automotive, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz.are set to show their new vehicles. Toyota will expose its new TRI-P4 automated driving test vehicle. The P4, based on the fifth generation Lexus LS is designed to boost  human performance behind the wheel as well as its full-autonomy ‘Chauffeur’ driving tech. Similarly, Mercedes-Benz will showcase its  Vision Urbanetic. In addition, Russian company Yandex will demo its self-driving cars.

In television, Samsung, Sony, LG are expected to make new big screen TV announcements this year. OLED display, in huge amount is expected to feature this year along with Alexa and Google Assistant integrations in TV this year. This year promises to introduce next generation TVs like Samsung’s fascinating 8K TV.

Mobile phones may not feature much in CES but the introduction of 5G phones which is  expected in 2019 may bring the talk of this technology.It’s possible that this year’s show in Vegas will reveal concept screens and handsets that best suites your hand.

New high powered laptops with new chips are expected in the show. Also, there are many more other hottest products that will feature in the show. Big start-up companies, not heard before will try to grab attention in this show.



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