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December 24, 2020 | DWAIPAYAN REGMI

Vodafone in India has a 2GB data package, with 300 SMS free at INR 129. This is valid for 24 days. If this same plan is to be extended for 28 days, it would cost INR 20 extra. Jio on the other hand has a plan of INR 129, with 2GB data valid for 28 days. Airtel on the other hand offers 6 GB data at INR 98 which is valid for 28 days. Seeing this, the packages offered by Nepalese telecommunication are relatively sweet and beautiful. Currently, NTC, NCell, and Smart cell has been offering data packs at a reasonable price across the nation. It is being used by a large number of the population as well. However, they do have wonderful rooms for the opportunity to attract the market further and can come up with several services to rule over.

Here we discuss the possible potential data packs that can turn out to be effective in today’s market. It is not that all the market segments don’t have access to WiFi. However, what has turned out is that data packs are only for those who don’t have wifi access at all, which is entirely wrong. Those, who have access to WiFi would also buy Data Packs for several purposes. Like the Social Media pack introduced by NTC; the market would require these packs as well. However, it would be unwise to categorize all the customers keeping in the same jar – there might be some excess social media users; and some might just use it once – so segmentation is something must under ‘Big Data’ and ‘Small Data’ for every pack. Moreover, what the market has been seeking is validity. A lot of data goes to waste because they don’t use it. There will be several places where they would go for wifi connectivity; making this stuff tough.

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Here are a few data packs that could capture the market’s need.

1. Share Trading Pack

At this particular period, there are a lot of share traders. The number of investors who are in the stock market has grown up rapidly, and it has been proved by the recent data as well. Also, the offices have blocked the TMS website to large extent. Hence, they must introduce Share Trading Pack concentrating over websites of NEPSE, Share News, and TMS offering time from 10.45 to 3.15. It is certain that these traders do have internet access back in their home, and might not be interested to buy a full covering pack.

2. Traveling Pack

This could be a popular pack that can gain good market coverage. A limited time pack, focusing on the travelers who travel from one destination to the next can opt for this pack. Be it on the bus, or private vehicle – they can keep using these packs easily. Users don’t prefer purchasing larger packs for the sake of a few hours and hence are seen using data without purchasing any packs. So, if they are designed similarly; it can be the next source of attraction, reaching a new customer base.

3. Study Pack

Today, a huge portion of studies are conducted online. They must take up a certain pace too. A study pack is a crucial need of the market today. Be it for the sake of searching materials, or taking class itself, this pack can be of huge relief. Although people do opt for WiFi access; these packs can be targeted to those bunch who want to go out of their regular places for it. Hence, it is important thereby. This pack can be targeted for a large number of students across the nation so that they can study peacefully. But, it should be equipped with improved speed.

4. Emergency Pack

Although there is an hourly pack with similar nature; this pack can be replaced for the emergency purpose all alone. As the packages are all centralized and are brought in another form – it is important to promote this pack as Emergency Pack. For those users, where WiFi is off suddenly, or if someone is at someplace and require data all of a sudden – they can use this pack on their own and make the pack move accordingly around. Hence, this pack is crucial and important if promoted in a similar manner around.

5. News Update Pack

There are one bunch of users who are keen on regular news. So, focusing on such users – a new pack must get introduced. Here, notification about regular activities happening around can be obtained. This pack could be helpful even when the news seeker is away from the place of the network, where they would fetch the news from WiFi access. It can certainly be useful for these news lovers.


It is no doubt that these packs should be less expensive than the daily packages being offered, with an extended validity of time. Only then they can capture the market. If the prices are competitive, people would not like to bear the complexities around, and would rather prefer the regular pack. So, there has to be a reason for purchasing these packages than others. We never know, for new operators, if some among these packs are offered free – they could easily get into the market too – like how Ncell used to be with almost every Twitter user back then when Twitter was free in Ncell. Telecom companies are under profit, but there are more sources of revenue if they understand the market better.

[Mr. Dwaipayan Regmi is currently working as the Assistant Manager in Rastriya Banijya Bank]

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