Demat Account Holders In Nepal Reach 62.2 Lakh | Mero Share Users 52.7 Lakh

March 20, 2024 | Investopaper

The number of Demat account holders in Nepal has reached 62 lakh. With the dematerialization of shares and computer based trading, the interest of the public towards stock trading has surged. The number of people opening Demat accounts has been increasing as the public’s interest in the stock market and the IPOs is increasing.

As per the data of CDS and Clearing Limited, the Demat account has reached 6,220,869. Similarly, the number of dematerialized shares has reached 12,136,882,163.

At current, one cannot apply for the shares in IPO (Initial Public Offering) without the Demat account. Hence, the huge attraction towards the IPO has propelled new investors in opening the Demat account.

The shares allotted in the IPO as well as purchased in the secondary market are deposited in the Demat Account.

Out of the total Demat account holders, 5,270,939  are using the Mero share facility.


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