Dividend History Of Agricultural Development Bank (ADBL)

December 25, 2020 | Investopaper

Agricultural Development Bank (ADBL) is one of the oldest banks of Nepal. The government of Nepal owns 51 percent shares in the bank while the general public has 49 percent ownership in ADBL.

After Agricultural Development Bank issued shares to the general public, it has provided decent returns to the shareholders every year. In the fiscal year 2069/70, the bank provided the highest dividend to date of 31.58 percent. In the last seven years period, the dividend has ranged from 15 percent to 31.58 percent.

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The table below shows the dividend history of Agricultural Development Bank (ADBL).

Dividend History Of Agricultural Development Bank (ADBL)

Fiscal Year Cash Dividend (%) Bonus Share (%) Total Dividend  (%)
2069/70 31.58 0 31.58
2070/71 8 7 15
2071/72 0.79 15 15.79
2072/73 1.05 20 21.05
2073/74 1.05 20 21.05
2074/75 15.05 6 21.05
2075/76 24 6 30
2076/77 0.79 15 15.79

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