Dolakha District Becoming A Hub Of Hydropower Projects

April 25, 2021 | Investopaper

Dolakha district is becoming a hub of hydropower generation. Currently, there are more than a dozen hydropower projects in the district. 

Out of them, six hydropower projects have been completed. About 77.53 MW of electricity is being generated from these projects. 

Dolakha district is becoming a hub for hydropower generation due to its geographical location, working environment, access road, investment security and increasing awareness of the people of the district towards hydropower. 

The country’s largest 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project, 40 MW Upper Khanikhola, 30 MW Khani Khola and 11 MW Lower Khola are being completed within the current fiscal year.

Similarly, 5 MW Ghattekhola, 7 MW Surikhola, one MW Tinekhu, 25 MW Singati, 12 MW Upper Khimti 1 and 7 MW Khimti-II and 3 MW small Miltikhola are also nearing completion this year. These projects in total will generate 597 MW of electricity.

Likewise, several projects with a total of 1,260 MW capacity are under construction. These include- Tamakoshi-3 (630 MW), Tamakoshi 5 (101 MW), Khimti-2 (48 MW), Jumkhola (56 MW), Lower Jumkhola (163 MW), Upper Lapche (56 MW), Rolwaling (80 MW), Upper Suri (7 MW), Suri Sanghu (30 MW), Kharekhola (25 MW), Upper Ghattekhola (6 MW), Bigukhola (10 MW) and Charnawati Khola (6 MW).

According to the Department of Electricity Development, more than 13 projects with a total generating capacity of more than 1,420 MW have taken power survey permission. Various companies have obtained survey licenses for ‘Run of River’ and reservoir projects in different rivers of Dolakha.


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