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Introduction To eSewa

E-Sewa can be termed as a Digital Payment portal through which a user can make payments – either online or offline (through SMS) to various merchants, transfer funds to different bank accounts, top-up phone, etc. It can simply be understood as an electronic medium, through which transactions can be done electronically, without the use of physical cash.

Although the Beta version of Esewa was started in the year 2009 itself, Esewa was officially launched on January 25 of 2010.

E-Sewa was founded by Nepalese entrepreneur Biswas Dhakal, who was born on 12th December 1981.

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How does eSewa make money?

There might be queries about how eSewa makes money. It does not charge anything additional to customers (except in a few cases), but rather provides cashback. eSewa earns through the following ways.

Interest: eSewa has more than 5 lakh, active users. So, even if they load the minimum amount there; they can make an improvised level of earning through interest.

Commission: eSewa takes a commission from the merchants. So, if customers make any sort of payments for merchants through eSewa, they take a commission from merchants itself based on a percentage or minimum amount as per the contract they hold. This includes top-up services too.

eSewa Pasal: So, if you make any shopping from eSewa Pasal, eSewa gains a separate source of income.

Advertisements: eSewa has been keeping advertisements for various products or services; they have been making good earning through advertisers as well.

How to open an eSewa account in Nepal?

Account Opening is not any difficult task for eSewa. You can make registration either through your PC – going to esewa.com.np; or can download the app and register to go through the ‘Register for Free’ section – where you will be asked your mobile number, name along other details. To register, you will require a citizenship card’s photo; along with your passport size photo. The registration process is entirely free.

How long does it take to verify the eSewa account?

Once you fill-up the KYC form of Esewa, you are eligible for being a verified user of it. You will generally be verified within 1-2 days; but if it is an urgent case, you can call the customer service desk and ask for quick verification too.

How do I put money on my eSewa account?

To make any sort of transaction, you should have funds in your eSewa wallet. So, you should load the fund there. This can be done in the following different ways.

First: If you have a Mobile Banking application, or Online Banking access – in the Merchant Payment section; you can find eSewa. You can load funds directly through it.

Second: There is the Load Money section, which you will get to see after you log into your account. You can choose an option that is feasible for you from there and then log into it.

Third: You can opt for a counter cash deposit through various banks like Global IME, Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd, etc, and directly load your eSewa wallet.

There are also cashpoints in various corners of Nepal from where you can load funds. There’s then the next way, you can ask your friend who has an eSewa wallet to send money for you.

How much can I load in eSewa?

You can load the amount as per your transaction requirement, and as per the limit set for your online transfer. But, what is important is that users should spend or withdraw any excess balance above NPR 25000 before the end of the day. (Updated September 2, 2020). There is a limit set by eSewa under which unverified users can receive up to NPR 5000 per month, and verified users can receive up to NPR 500,000 per month in eSewa.

What types of payments can I make from eSewa?

Through eSewa, you can make payment for various services:

Topup & Recharge

Electricity & Water Bill Payment

TV Payment

Bus Ticket/ Tours & Travel

School & College Fees

Credit Card Payment

Insurance/ Finance/ EMI Payment

Movies & Entertainment

What is the eSewa transaction limit?

E-Sewa transactions can be made up to 500,000 per month, and up to Rs 100,000 per day. However, they are subject to change and will be modified accordingly thereby.

Can I withdraw money from eSewa?

Yes, withdrawing facility is possible from eSewa. But, the case is pretty different than that of cash withdrawal from Banks. Here, you need to first go through bank withdrawal – and select the bank account from where you want to withdraw. The fund loaded in eSewa will be transferred to a selected bank account, and withdrawing would be possible through the bank account as a normal bank withdrawing procedure.

How to change the eSewa password?

Changing passwords is not any difficult task in eSewa. It is simply like changing the password for your social media. If you want to change the password from the web version, you need to look into the top right section – where you will click on the picture of yours, which will bring the option of Change Password. In the next phase, you can insert the old password and the new one.

If you are doing it from the app version, you need MPIN, which can be changed from Change MPIN of settings, which would be accessible from three dots at the top right portion of the app.

Can we transfer money from eSewa to a bank account? How?

Yes, you can. You need to go to the Bank Transfer section and fill up all the bank details. eSewa will charge the fees as per its policy and then also verifies if the account number exists or not; and then the fund can be transferred to the concerned bank account.

How much does an eSewa bank transfer cost?

Here is the list of charges that is applicable as of now December 8, 2020.

Bank transfer (Bank withdraw):

Transaction Amount Service Charge

a. 100 to Rs. 1,000 Rs. 0

b. 1,001 to Rs. 10,000 Rs. 20

c. 10,001 to Rs. 20,000 Rs. 30

d. 20,001 to Rs. 30,000 Rs. 40

e. 30,001 to Rs. 40,000 Rs. 50

f. 40,001 to Rs. 50,000 Rs. 60

g. 50,001 to Rs. 100,000 Rs. 75

What is eSewa privilege?

E-Sewa provides several facilities – from insurance to medical lab testing, etc to the privileged customer. Anyone can be a privileged customer logging into the eSewa app and making the necessary registration thereby at the home screen. You need to pay Rs 180 for the eSewa privilege and it is applicable for 1 year. But, you need to be an eSewa agent to be a privileged customer.

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What is the eSewa cashpoint?

E-Sewa cash point is similar to branches of eSewa. eSewa cashpoints are the center, from where users can load up to NPR 20,000 for free; which means that the customer need not pay extra charges to the agents. Cash Points can be understood by authorized agents that help customers to load funds to eSewa.

What is the eSewa reward point?

Reward point has been those additional values given to eSewa users for using eSewa services. So, the more you use these eSewa services, the more you can collect those points in your account. These points can be redeemed later for various promotional efforts thereby.

How do I claim my reward points?

It is not necessary to make any additional effort to claim the reward point. Every time, you go and make a payment, you will be shown how many reward points you will gain, systematically. And hence, the points will be credited to your account on their own. You should not make any additional efforts to collect these points here.

How do I redeem my reward points?

If you manage to collect 50000 reward points in your eSewa wallet, you can get an android smartphone or 18 inch TV set. That is not limited to it, you can redeem reward points partially or wholly as well after having 1000 points. So, if you want to redeem the reward points, you can email at csd@esewa.com.np stating how many reward points you want to redeem along with your eSewa ID. So, if you have to collect gifts out of your reward points, you can visit the office and make similar claims thereby as well through the email itself.

How do I get an eSewa promo code?

E-Sewa has been making timely push notification sharing the promo code. So, you can get the promotion code through push notifications or SMS. Users will get promo codes in various forms through various promotional offers too. You need to regularly stay in touch with eSewa – be that through social media or other means to gain promo codes.

How to delete an eSewa account?

E-Sewa account can be closed by sending an email regarding the account closing to eSewa. Before closing the account, the withdrawal must also be made. However, if there are suspicious transactions found, pending transactions noted, or if the account is blocked – it cannot be closed.

Hope this was helpful. Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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