Federal Government to establish Gemstone Processing Center in Surkhet

January 13, 2020 | Investopaper

A province-level gemstone processing center is to be set up in Surkhet. The federal government has made preparations for establishing such a center for mining and processing of precious and semi-precious gemstones found in Karnali. The federal government is also removing the policy complexities related to the export of gemstone.

A gemstone processing center is currently in operation at the then Cottage and Small Industries Development Committee Office since 2065BS. This center has been carrying out the gemstone processing works in small quantity.

Karnali State Government, Directorate of Industry and Consumer Interest Protection’s director Shambhu Prasad Poudel said cutting and polishing of precious and semi-precious gemstones in large quantities would be carried out at the new center.

The Committee has trained the youths on gemstone cutting, polishing and drilling for this purpose.
Kyanite, tourmaline, quartz, aquamarine, garnet, danburite and hematite are some of the gemstones found in Nepal. Director Poudel said that Karnali state is rich in minerals and gemstones.

“The government has identified the possible areas where the gemstones are found and made plans to extract them. Once the processing center is set up in Surkhet, the mass production and marketing of processed gemstones would be done, ” he said.

The government is establishing gemstone processing and goods development centers in Surkhet, Dhading, and Doti for cutting, polishing and drilling precious minerals.


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