Five Hydropower Projects To Generate 40 MW Electricity Through Sabha Khola

January 30 , 2022 | Investopaper

Five hydropower projects are under construction in Sabha Khola flowing in Sankhuwasabha. About 40 MW of electricity will be generated from these projects. According to the Department of Electricity Development, the projects include 8.3 MW Sabha Khola ‘A’, 15.1 MW Sabha Khola ‘B’, 4.1 MW Super Sabha Khola, 4.2 MW Sabha Khola ‘C’, and 9.55 MW Super Sabha Khola ‘A’. ‘Yes.

The 15.1 MW Sabha Khola ‘B’ project is being constructed by Orbit Energy Pvt. Ltd. The department of electricity development provided the construction license of the project on Falgun 30, 2073 BS. Similarly, Dibyashwori Hydropower Company is also constructing an 8.3 MW Sabha Khola Hydropower Project. The company received the construction license in 2071 BS and started the project.

The 4.1 MW Super Sabha Khola, whose study has been completed, has applied to the department for permission for construction. The company had submitted the application for the construction permit on Shrawan 9, 2077 BS. Similarly, the other two projects- 4.19 MW Sabha Khola ‘C’ and 9.55 MW Super Sabha A hydropower projects are being studied, according to the department.


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