France’s tourism sector affected by coronavirus outbreak

February 24, 2020 | Investopaper

France’s tourism sector has been hugely affected following the coronavirus outbreak. The tourism sector is one of the major contributors to the French economy as it is one of the most visited countries in the world.

Tourism accounts for nearly 8 percent of French GDP. The number of tourists in France has declined by 30-40 percent than expected following the coronavirus outbreak. So, this will have a major impact on the French economy.

Due to the travel ban and trip postponements, the demand for air travel has declined and the flight cancellations have also increased hugely with more than 200,000 flight cancellations. Chinese tourists are one of the major visitors of France with around 2.7 million Chinese making a trip to the European country each year. The figure won’t be the same in 2020.

Coronavirus has already claimed more than 2500 lives in China and the outbreak has been reported in countries like South Korea and Italy recently.


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