Gandaki State Unveils A Budget Of Rs 35.90 Billion For FY 2079/80

June 16, 2022 | Investopaper

The Gandaki state government has announced a budget of Rs 35.90 billion for the fiscal year 2079/80. On behalf of the state government, Finance Minister Ramji Prasad Baral presented the budget in the state assembly meeting on Wednesday. The state government had brought a budget of Rs. 30.03 billion for the current fiscal year.

Out of the total budget, about Rs. 13.26 billion or 36.95 percent is allocated for current expenditure, Rs. 22.14 billion or 61.66 percent for capital expenditure, Rs 500 million or 1.39 percent for financial management, and Rs. 2.11 billion or 5.88 percent for financial transfer to local level.

For the sources of the budget, the state government has estimated to receive Rs. 7.92 billion in financial equalization grant, Rs. 6.91 billion in conditional grant, Rs 9.23 billion from revenue sharing, Rs. 860 million in special grant and Rs. 837 million in supplementary grant from the central government. Likewise, the government expects to generate Rs 5.09 billion from internal revenue and Rs 325 million from royalties.

Out of the deficit Rs. 4.71 billion, Rs. 2.71 billion will come from the reserve of the current fiscal year, Rs 1 billion from internal debt and Rs 1 billion as debt from the Government of Nepal.

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