Government Fixes Minimum Wage At Rs 15,000 Per Month

May 4, 2021 | Investopaper

The government has fixed the monthly salary of the workers at Rs 15,000 with effect from Shrawan 1, 2078 BS . The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security has increased the salaries of the workers by publishing a notice on Monday.

With this, the workers will now get a minimum wage of Rs 577 per day and Rs 77 per hour. The government has increased the workers’ salary by Rs 1,550 per month or Rs 60 per day or Rs 8 per hour. Earlier, the monthly salary of the workers was increased to Rs 13,450 on Shrawan 1, 2075.

At present, the basic salary of a worker is Rs 8,455 per month, Rs 325 per day or Rs 43 per hour. The government has increased the basic salary by Rs 930 per month, Rs 36 per day or Rs 5 per hour. From Shrawan 1, workers will receive a basic salary of Rs 9,385 per month, Rs 361 per day and Rs 48 per hour.

Similarly, the workers are getting Rs 4,995 per month, Rs 192 per day or Rs 26 per hour as allowance. The government has now increased the allowance by Rs 620 per month, Rs 24 per day or Rs 3 per hour. With the increment, they will now receive Rs 5615 allowance per month or Rs 216 per day or Rs 29 per hour.


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