Government To Deposit Rs 100 Per Month In The Bank Account Of Girl Child

November 4, 2020 | Investopaper

Tulsipur, Sub-Metropolitan city of Dang is going to deposit money in the bank account for the daughters born after Shrawan 1. The sub-metropolis has passed the working procedure for the economic and social empowerment of daughters by depositing money in the bank account at the rate of Rs. 100 per month from birth.

It will come into force as soon as the ‘Smart Chori, Bihebaari Bish Barsha Pari’ procedure is passed. Deputy Chief Maya Sharma informed that the sub-metropolitan government will deposit money in the bank accounts of every daughter born after Shrawan 1, 2077 BS. For that, budget has been allocated in the current fiscal year.

In order to avail this facility, the parents should have registered the birth of the girl child within 35 days of the birth date.Rs 1,200 will be deposited in the account in the first month of birth and Rs 100 every month thereafter. Arrangement has been made for the parents to deposit money in the account opened in the name of the girl child.

There is a provision that the money can be withdrawn only once the girl reaches the age of 20. For that, she should not have got married before reaching the age of 20 and must have taught up to secondary level, said Deputy Chief Acharya. In case of child marriage, the amount will be returned to the government account.

According to the procedure, in case of premature death of the girl child, failure to complete the secondary level due to severe illness, death of the guardian and financial difficulties, the amount deposited in the account will be paid.



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