Govt Urged To Focus On Sustainable Economic Development To Tackle With COVID-19

June 7, 2020 | RSS

The Lower House lawmakers, taking part in the discussions over several headings in the Appropriation Bill-2077 today, sought the government’s attention towards the sustainable development of economy to cope with COVID-19 crisis.

They drew the government’s attention towards the sustainable economic development. The HoR members were of the view of taking more efforts to control the increasing infection rates of coronavirus. It may be noted that lately coronavirus infection rates are jumping by 200 to 300 new cases on a daily basis in the country.

Min Bahadur Bishwakarma of Nepali Congress urged the government to concentrate on building self-sufficient economy. ”The budget is not focused on promoting industries,” he said and complained that no adequate budget was allocated to end caste-based discrimination and untouchability. He accused the government of discouraging entrepreneurs by increasing tax in electric vehicles.

Parbati DC Chaudhary of the same party demanded the government to systematise coronavirus quarantine centers. As she said, budget for combating the virus was meagre.

Another NC member Padhma Narayan Chaudhary expressed his concern over ‘lack’ of priority to agricultural development in the budget though it was backbone for economic development.

He urged the government to take a concrete step instantly for the proper management of isolation and quarantine centers by expanding the coverage of PCR test.

NC’s Rajendra Kumar KC proposed to deduct the expenditure of the Forest and Environment Ministry while Sita Devi Yadav representing the same party said the necessity of the nation was to create jobs by liberating it from COVID-19 crisis. Yadav lambasted the government for ‘discriminating’ against the Sate-2 in budget allocation. She was sad for ‘no-budget allocation’ for the cause of conflict-hit people.

Devendra Raj Kandel from NC termed the government measures to prevent and control coronavirus insufficient, seeking the expansion of PCR testing coverage.

Padhma Narayan Chaudhary proposed to cut off expenditure under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development.

The HoR session today spent time discussing budget headings under the ministries of finance; labour, employment and social security; forest and environment; culture, tourism and civil aviation; industry, commerce and supplies; health and population; agriculture and livestock development; and communications and information technology.

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