Hetauda Cement Industry Reduces Price Of OPC Cement

September 20, 2021 | Investopaper

Hetauda Cement Industry has reduced the selling price of OPC Cement. The industry has decided to sell OPC cement at Rs. 702 per sack. Earlier, the industry was selling cement at Rs 747 per sack. 

Hetauda Cement has also adjusted the price along with the reduction in the price of cement by the private sector. The private sector industries have been strategically setting prices based on market demand. Hetauda’s Shivam Cement Industry is selling OPC Cement at Rs 680 per sack while Riddhi Siddhi Cement Industry is selling OPC Cement at Rs 700 per sack.

The government-owned Hetauda Cement Industry has been at a loss for three years. The industry has been suffering huge financial losses due to the decline in cement sales and unfavorable trading conditions.


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