Hetauda Industrial EState Provides Rs 12 Billion In Revenues To Government

December 18, 2020 | Investopaper

The government-owned Hetauda Industrial Estate has been paying  about Rs 12 billion in revenues annually. All kinds of industrial establishments / offices operating in the industrial area have been paying about Rs. 12 billion annually to the Government of Nepal under various headings including value added tax, customs duty, excise duty, income tax, advance income tax and advance tax

There are currently 103 industries in the Hetauda Industrial Area. There are nine industries that have not been able to operate due to the lockdown. Similarly, three industries including Hetauda Textile Industry have been closed for years. There are 13 other organizations and offices in the industrial sector. Another 22 industrial establishments are under construction. The government sector has invested Rs. 900 million while the private sector has invested Rs. 5.50 billion for the construction of infrastructure in the industrial sector. The industry currently has 4,400 employees.

Hetaunda Industrial Estate was established on Mangsir 20,2020 BS with the financial support of the US Government. It is spread over a total area of ​​3,228 ropanis. Of that area, 2,801.48 ropanis are developed for rent whereas 426.52 ropanis are forest areas. Out of the total land area, the current leased area is 2,178 ropanis, vacant land is 26.52 ropanis and the construction area of ​​road network, electrification, sewerage and other structures occupied by utility services is 597 ropanis.

There are 10 industrial buildings, 11 warehouses and 34 other buildings constructed by the office within the industrial zone. Within the industrial zone, the electricity capacity is 10 MVA, water capacity is 1,153 per day  and wastewater treatment plant capacity is 1.1 million liters per day.

Within the industrial area, there are 6 construction materials industry, 28 plastics industry, 3 electrical and electrical goods, 15 food and beverage, 10 furniture goods / wood sawing, 14 engineering, 4 packaging goods, 10 chemical materials paint, 2 poultry and grain industry, 1 textiles Industry, 10 mining industry, and 10 other industries including cigarette, fuel, depot, bone processing, tire resoling, ragging, etc.


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