HIDCL to Invest Rs.13 Billion in Four Hydropower Projects

August 27, 2023 | Investopaper

Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company Limited (HIDCL) is going to invest Rs. 13 billion in four different hydropower projects.

This financial injection will be directed toward both private and public sector ventures. About Rs. 4 billion will be invested in the 285 MW Upper Tamor hydropower project. Promoted by Tamor Sanima Energy Pvt Ltd, the project will be built in Taplejung with the total investment of Rs. 55.15 billion. Similarly, Rs. 2 billion loan will be invested in the 56 MW Sanima Jum hydropower project in Dolakha. The total investment of the project, promoted by Sanima Jum Hydropower Company Limited, is Rs. 11.6 billion.

Similarly, HIDCL will also invest loans in government-owned 106 MW Jagdulla semi-reservoir project and 42 MW upstream Modi A hydropower project. HIDCL will lend Rs. 4 billion to Jagdulla, whose total cost is estimated at Rs. 22.78 billion, and Rs. 3 billion to Upper Modi A, which is estimated to cost 10.08 billion. Jagdulla Hydropower Company Limited is developing the Jagdulla semi-reservoir project. Upper Modi A is promoted by Modi Hydropower Company Limited. Both these are government owned companies.

The preceding year witnessed HIDCL’s share investments in several hydropower undertakings. These include Rs. 50 crores in the 45.47 MW Brahmayani Hydroelectric Project, Rs. 91.8 crores in the 44 MW Supermadi Hydroelectric Project, and Rs. 10.2 crores in the 9.3 MW Siwakhola Hydroelectric Project.

Furthermore, HIDCL authorized loan financing of Rs. 21.72 crores for the 27 MW Dordi Khola hydropower project, Rs. 28.62 crores for the 30 MW Nyadi Khola Hydropower project, Rs. 37.8 crores for the 37 MW Trishuli B project, Rs. 54.92 crores for the 86 MW Solukhola Dudhkosi project, and Rs. 9.32 crores for the 28.1 MW lower Likhu project.

HIDCL has so far invested Rs. 27.39 billion through shares and loans. Of this, Rs. 21.21 billion loans have been invested in 19 projects with total capacity of 1,467 megawatts. Similarly, Rs. 6.18 billion equity investment have been made in 12 projects with total capacity of 902.40 megawatts.


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