Hulas Iron Industries Established With An Investment Of Rs. 1 Billion

February 2, 2021 | Investopaper

The business house Golchha Group has set up another Hulas Iron Industries Pvt. Ltd. near Gardaul on the Birgunj-Pokhariya road section with an investment of Rs. 1 billion. The construction work was delayed due to the corona epidemic. The industry was supposed to be operational a year ago, and the construction work is planned to be completed by next Baisakh, said Hulas Group operator Sharad Golchha.

The construction work of the industry covering an 18-bigha area was started three years ago. The industry aims to produce 80,000 tonnes of construction materials annually. It will produce pipes, zinc sheets, wire mesh, angles and other materials. Hulas Steel Pvt. Ltd. has brought some machines from Simara to the newly constructed industry at Gardaul and some machines have been imported from India and third countries.

It is believed that around 1,000 youths of the region will get employment after the establishment of the industry.  Salama Khatun, deputy chief of Pokhariya Municipality, said that it would help in the development of rural areas.

It is the largest investment steel industry ever built on the Birgunj-Pokhariya road section.


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