221 Hydropower Projects Under Construction In Nepal | To Generate 8,184 MW Electricity

September 20, 2022 | Investopaper

At current, there are 221 hydro-power projects above 1 MW installed capacity that are under construction phase. They have received the construction license from Department of Electricity Development. In total, these hydropower are planning to produce 8184.54 MW electricity. Tila-1 Hydropower Project, Tila-2 Hydropower Project, and Upper Tamor Project are the three biggest projects with the installed capacity of 440 MW, 420 MW, and 285 MW respectively.

The addition of electricity to be generated from these upcoming projects is likely to create energy surplus within the nation. With proper government incentives and active participation from the private sector, there has been aggressive investment in the hydro-sector in the last 10 years period.

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The table below shows the list of hydro-power projects above 1 MW installed capacity that are currently in the construction phase.

List Of Hydro-power Projects Under Construction In Nepal (>1 MW)

S. N. Project Capacity (MW) River Promoter
1 Khani Khola – 1 40 Khani Khola Green Life Energy Pvt.Ltd
2 Dordi Khola 27 Dordi Himalayan Power Partners Ltd
3 Rahughat 40 Rahughat Raghu Ganga Hydropower Limited
4 Tadi Khola 5 Tadi Khola Hiraratna hydropower Pvt. Ltd
5 Jumdi Khola Small 1.75 Jumdi Jumdi Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.,
6 Sanjen 42.5 Sanjen Sanjen Jalvidyut Co.
7 Upper Mailung -A 6.42 Mailung Khola Energy Engineering Pvt. Ltd
8 Upper Sanjen 14.8 Sanjen Sanjen Jalvidhyut Co
9 Kabeli-A 37.6 Kabeli Khola Kabeli Energy Limited
10 Rasuwagadhi 111 Bhote koshi Rasuwagadhi H P
11 Upper Mailun Khola 14.3 Mailung Khola Upper Mailung Khola Hydropower Limited.
12 Junbeshi 5.2 Junbeshi Dobhan Hydropower Pvt.Ltd.
13 Dordi-1 12 Dordi Dordi Khola Jalvidyut Company Limited
14 Khorunga Khola 4.8 Khoranga Khola Reliable Hydropower Company. P. Ltd
15 Gelun Khola HPP 3.2 Gelun Gelun Khola Hydropower Company Pvt Ltd
16 Khani Khola (Dolakha) 30 Khani Khola Sasha Engineering Hydropower P. Ltd
17 Middle Modi 18 Modi Khola Middle Modi Hydropower Limited
18 Middle Midim 3.1 Midim Khola Madhya Midim Jalvidhyut Company Pvt. Ltd.
19 Upper Trishuli 3B 37 Trishuli Nepal Electricity Authority
20 Parajuli Khola-1 2.15 Parajuli Khola Rara Hydropower Development Co.
21 Lohare Khola 4.2 Lohore Khola Lohare Khola Hydropower Co. P. L.,
22 Salankhu Khola 2.5 Salankhu Salankhu Khola Hydropower P. Ltd.
23 Madhya Bhotekoshi 102 Bhote koshi Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalbidyut Company Ltd.
24 Rawa Khola HPP 6.5 Rawa Khola Dudhkoshi Power Company Pvt Ltd
25 Down Piluwa 9.5 Piluwa Khola River Falls Hydropower Development P. Ltd.
26 Super Dordi Kha Hydropower Project 49.6 Dordi Peoples Hydropower Company Pvt.Ltd.
27 Lower Solu Hydropower Project 82 Solu Khola Solu Hydropower Pvt Ltd
28 Upper Myagdi 20 Myagdi Khola Hydro Empire P Ltd
29 Rupse Khola 4 Rupse Khola Research & Development Group
30 Upper Dordi A HEP 25 Dordi Liberty Energy Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.
31 Khare Hydropower Project 24.1 Khare Constorium Power Developers Pvt Ltd
32 Maya Khola Hydropower Project 14.9 Maya Maya Khola Hydropower Company pvt Ltd
33 Solu Khola (Dudha Koshi) 86 Solu Khola Sahas Urja Limited
34 Sabha Khola A 8.3 Sabha Khola Deepsabha Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.
35 Badigad HPP 6.6 Badigad Water and Energy Nepal Pvt Ltd
36 Durbang Myagdi Khola 25 Myagdi Khola Dhaulagiri Kalika Hydropower P Ltd
37 Balephi A 10.6 Balephi Moonlight Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
38 Upper Modi A 42 Modi Khola Nepal Electricity Authority
39 Rukum gad 5 Rukum Gad Rapti Hydro and General Construction Pvt. Ltd.
40 Ghar Khola 14 Ghar Myagdi Hydropower Ltd.
41 Tanchhahara SHP 2.4 Tangchhahara Tanchhar Hydro Pvt. Ltd.
42 Langtang Khola Small Hydropower Project 20 Langtang Multi Energy Development Pvt. Ltd.
43 Siddhi Khola 10 Siddhi Khola Lumbini Builders P. Ltd
44 Upper Tadi 11 Tadi Khola Surya Kund Hydro Electric Pvt. Ltd.
45 Likhu -1 77 Likhu Khola Pan Himay Energy Ltd
46 Likhu -2 55 Likhu Khola Global Hydropower Associate Ltd
47 Ruru Banchu – 1 16 Rurubanchu Khola Mount Nilgiri Hydropower Company Pvt Ltd
48 Upper Piluwa Khola-2 SHP 4.72 Piluwa Khola Menchhiyam Hydropower P Ltd. Itahari, Sunsari, 9841521159
49 Kalanga 15.33 Kalanga Gad Kalanga Hydropower P Ltd
50 Upper Kalangad 38.46 Kalanga Gad Sani Gad Hydro pvt. Ltd
51 Sanigad 10.7 Sani Gad Bungal Hydro P Ltd
52 Lower Likhu 28.1 Likhu Khola Swaita Ganga Hydropower and Construction Pvt. Ltd.
53 ChulepuKhola Hydropower Project 8.52 Chulepu, Dhunde Khola Chandeswari Mahadev Khola Micro Hydro Com.P.Ltd.
54 Chauri Khola 5 Chauri Chauri Hydropower P Ltd
55 Tanahu HEP 140 Seti Khola Tanahu Hydropower Limited
56 Daraundi-1 10 Daraundi Diamond Hydropower Pvt. Ltd
57 Sanjen Khola 78 Sanjen Sala Sungi P Ltd
58 Phalakhu Khola HPP 5 Phalankhu Khola Rasuwa Hydropower Company Pvt Ltd
59 Phalakhu Khola HPP 14.7 Phalankhu Khola Betrawati Hydroelectric Co. Ltd
60 Upper Balephi A 36 Balephi Balephi Hydropower Ltd.
61 Liping Khola 16.26 Liping Him River Power Pvt. Ltd
62 Lower Khorunga 5.5 Khoranga Khola IDS Energy Pvt. Ltd
63 Upper Solu Khola HPP 18 Solu Khola Beni Hydropower Project
64 Makari gad 10 Makari gad Makarigad Hydropower Pvt. Ltd
65 Yambaling Khola 7.271 Yambling Yamling Hydropower Pvt Ltd
66 Sano Milti Khola SHP 3 Milti Sano Milti Khola Hydropower P.Ltd.
67 Rahughat Mangale 37 Rahughat Tundi Power Company P.Ltd.
68 Upper Nyasim Khola 43 Nyasem Khola Sindhujwala Hydropower P. Ltd
69 Ruru Banchu Khola- 2 12 Rurubanchu Khola Ruru hydroelectric Co Pvt. Ltd
70 Khimti II 48.8 Khimti Khola Peoples Hydro sahakari Sastha Limited
71 Upper Lapche Khola 52 Lapche Energy Venture Pvt. Ltd.
72 Daram Khola HEP 7.3 Daram Daram Khola Hydro Energy Limited
73 Ankhu Khola 42.9 Ankhu Khola Ankhu Hydropower Pvt. Ltd
74 Upper Chirkuwa Khola 4.7 Chirkhuwa Chirkhuwa Hydropower Company Pvt td
75 Sabha Khola-B HPP 15.1 Sabha Khola Arbit Energy P Ltd
76 Middle Tara Khola SHP 1.7 Tara Khola Pahadi Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
77 Balephi 23.52 Balephi Balephi Jalbidhut Company Ltd
78 Super Madi 44 Madi Khola Himal Hydro and General Construction Ltd.
79 Upper Chauri Khola 6 Chauri Himalayan Water Resources & Energy Development Co. P. Ltd
80 Tamakoshi V 87 Tama Koshi Tamakoshi hydropower Company Ltd.
81 Lower Chirkhuwa 4.06 Chirkhuwa Chirkhuwa Hydropowerr Pvt. Ltd.
82 Middle Tamor 54 Tamor Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Ltd
83 Lankhuwa Khola 5 Lankhuwa Sabhapokhri Hydropower Pvt Ltd
84 Mewa Khola Hydropower project 50 Mewa Khola United Mewa Khola Hydropower Pvt Ltd
85 Nilgiri Khola 38 Nilgiri Nilgiri Khola Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
86 Buku-Kapati Hydropower Project 5 Buku Him Star Urja Company Ltd.
87 Super Nyadi Hydropower Project 40.27 Nyadi Siuri Nyadi Power Ltd
88 Seti Khola HPP 3.5 Seti Khola Parbat Paiyu Khola Hydropower Company
89 Marsyangdi Besi 50 Marsyangdi Divyajyoti Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.
90 Upper Trishuli-1 216 Trishuli Nepal Water & Energy Development Co. P. Ltd
91 Istul Khola HPP 1.506 Istul Amar Jyoti Hydropower Pvt Ltd
92 Lapche Khola 160 Lapche Nasa Hydropower Company P Ltd
93 Kasuwa Khola HPP 45 Kasuwa Kasuwa Hydropower Ltd
94 Saptang Khola HPP 2.5 Saptang Saptang Hydropower Pvt Ltd
95 Buku Khola 6 Buku Apolo Hydropower Pvt.Ltd
96 Nyam Nyam 6 Nyam Nyam Khola Nyam Nyam HydroPower Company Pvt.Ltd.
97 Lower Irkhuwa Khola 14.15 Irkhuwa Khola Lower Irkhuwa Hydropower Company Ltd.
98 Rele Khola 6 Rele Khola Hym Consult
99 Irkhuwa Khola-B HPP 15.524 Irkhuwa Khola Barah Multi Power Pvt Ltd
100 Rasuwa Bhotekoshi 120 Bhote koshi Langtang Bhotekosi Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd
101 Upper Gaddi Gad 1.55 Gaddi Gad Shaileshwari Power Nepal
102 Upper Modi HPP cascade project 18.2 Modi Khola Nepal Electricity Authority
103 Taman Khola 4.85 Taman Taman Khola Hydro Pvt. Ltd.
104 Arun 3 900 Arun Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited
105 Middle Daram Khola-A HPP 3 Daram Dhaulagiri Cem Engineering Pvt Ltd
106 Middle Daram Khola-B HPP 4.5 Daram Milestone Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.
107 Upper Khudi 26 Khudi Super Khudi Hydropower Co.Pvt. Ltd.
108 Upper Tamor 285 Tamor Tamor Sanima Energy P. Ltd
109 Hewa A Small HEP 5 Hewa Khola Habitat Power Company Pvt. Ltd
110 Tila-1 Hydropower Project 440 Tila S C Power Company P Ltd
111 Tila-2 Hydropower Project 420 Tila S C Power Company Pvt Ltd
112 Upper Phawa HPP 5.8 Phawa Khola Unitech Hydropower Company Pvt.ltd.
113 Super Aankhu Khola Hydropower Project 25.4 Ankhu Khola Gorakshya Hydropower Pvt.Ltd
114 Puwa II hydropower Project 4.96 Puwa Peoples’ Power Ltd
115 Nilgiri Khola-II cascade Project 62 Nilgiri Nilgirikhola Hydropower Company Limited
116 Lower Manang Marsyangdi 140 Marsyangdi Butawal Power Company
117 Manang Marsyangdi 282 Marsyangdi Manang Marsyangdi Hydropower Company Pvt.Ltd.
118 Badigad (Kolti) 4.5 Badigad Pioneer Hydro Pvt.Ltd
119 Garchyang Khola 6.6 Garchyang Citizen Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
120 Upper Marsyangdi 1 138 Marsyangdi Upper Marsyangdi Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
121 Upper Lohore SHP 4 Lohore Khola Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower Company. Pvt. Ltd
122 Chameliya (Chhetigad) 85 Chameliya Khola Grid Nepal Co. Pvt. Ltd.,
123 Upper Piluwa Hills Small HP Project 4.99 Piluwa, Tupuwa & Chhange Khola Milke Jaljale Hydropower Pvt.Ltd.
124 Kaligandki Gorge 164 Kali Gandaki Kaligandaki Hydropower P. Ltd, Charkhal, Dillibazar, Karhmandu
125 Nyadi-Phidi HPP 21.4 Nyadi, Phidi North Summit Hydro Pvt.ltd.
126 Upper Rahughat 48.5 Rahughat Tudi Power Company Pvt.Ltd
127 Super Hewa HPP 5 Hewa Khola Super Hewa Power Com. Pvt.Ltd.
128 Middle Kaligandaki 53.539 Kali Gandaki Hydro Support Pvt. Ltd.
129 Tadi Khola Cascade 3 Tadi Khola Hira Ratna Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd
130 Bajra Madi Hydropower Project 24.8 Madi Khola Bajra Energy Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
131 Upper Richet Khola SHP 2 Richet Upper Richet Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.
132 Jhyaku Khola HPP 5.243 Jhyaku Ganesh Hydro power Com.Pvt.Ltd
133 Upper Trishui-2 HPP 102 Trishuli Hydrochina Corporation
134 Tinau Khola HPP 3.44 Tinau Nama Buddha Hydropower Pvt Ltd
135 Likhu Khola HPP 30 Likhu Khola P K Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.
136 Upper Suri Khola HPP 7 Hulak, Kolung Makar Jitumaya Hudropower Pvt.Ltd.
137 Upper Midim Khola SHP 7.5 Midim Khola Bhujung Hydro Power Pvt.Ltd.,
138 Upper Chameliya HP 40 Chameliya Khola Api Power Co. Ltd
139 Chisang Khola -A Small HEP 1.8 Chisang Chisang Hydro Pvt Ltd
140 Lower Hewa Khola-A HPP 7.3 Hewa Khola Panch Khapan Hydropower P.Ltd.
141 Sagu Khola HEP 20 Sangu Khola Him Parbat Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.
142 Chepe Khola Small HEP 8.63 Chepe Khola Aashutosh Investment Pvt. Ltd.
143 Dudhkunda Khola HEP 12 Solu Khola Mount Everest Power Development P.Ltd.
144 Upper Ankhu Khola 38 Ankhu Khola Dhading Ankhu Khola Hydro Pvt. Ltd.
145 Upper Machha Khola HEP 4.55 Machha Khola Bikash Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
146 Bhim Khola Small HEP 4.96 Bhim Khola Shikhar Power Development Pvt.Ltd.
147 Jogmai Cascade 5.2 Jogmai Khola Sanvi Energy Pvt. Ltd.
148 Sangu Khola HPP 5 Sangu (Sorun) Khola Kalinchowk Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.
149 Middle Mewa HPP 49 Mewa Khola Mewa Developers Pvt. LTd
150 Nupche Likhu HEP 57.5 Nupche , Likhu Vision Energy and Power Pvt. Ltd.
151 Upper Myagdi-I HEP 53.5 Myagdi Khola Upper Myagdi Hydropower Pvt. Ltd
152 Sagu khola 1 HPP 5.5 Sagu Him Parbat Hydropower Pvt. Ltd
153 Phedi Khola (Thumlung) Small HPP 3.52 Phedi khola (Thumlung) Phedi khola Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
154 Thulo Khola Hydropower Project 21.3 Thulo Khola Samyukta Urja Pvt. Ltd
155 Chepe Khola HEP 7 Chepe Khola Champawati Hydro Power P.Ltd
156 Upper Irkhuwa HPP 14.5 Irkhuwa, Phedi Aarati Power Company Ltd.
157 Isuwa Khola Hydropower Project 97.2 Isuwa Khola KBNR Isuwa Power Ltd.
158 Upper Maiwa HPP 17.85 Maiwa Kang Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd
159 Madme Khola HPP 24 Madme Khola Madme Khola Hydropower P.Ltd.
160 Lower Balephi 20 Balephi Sajha Power Development
161 Madya Super Daraundi HPP 10 Daraundi Barpak Daraundi Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
162 Rauje Khola HPP 4.99 Rauje Khola Hydro Connection Pvt Ltd
163 Bhotekoshi 5 HEP 62 Bhotekoshi Kalika Energy Ltd.
164 Seti Khola HPP 25 Seti Khola Vision Lumbini Urja Company Limited.
165 Karuwa Seti HEP 32 Seti Jhyamolongma Hydropower Development Company Pvt. Ltd.
166 Upper Piluwa 3 HPP 4.95 Piluwa Khola Mabilung Energy.Ltd
167 Hidi Khola HEP 6.82 Hidi Khola White Lotus Power Pvt.ltd.
168 Mid Solu Khola HEP 9.5 Solu Khola Mid Solu Hydropower company Pvt Ltd
169 Middle Tadi HPP 5.5 Tadi Khola Dupcheshwor Mahadev Hydro Company Pvt. Ltd.
170 Pegu Khola Small Hydropower Project 4.35 Pegu BiguHydropower Venture
171 Jurimba Khola Small Hydropower Project 7.63 Jurimba Jurimba Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd
172 Landruk Modi HEP 86.59 Modi Annapurna Bidhyut Bikas Company Pvt. Ltd
173 Sunigad HEP 11.05 Suni Gad Omega EnergyDeveloper Pvt. Ltd
174 Mid Rawa Khola HEP 2.5 Rawa Khola, Sung Khola Halesi Urja Pvt. Ltd. , Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Tel: 5538632, 9851088040
175 Dudhkoshi-2 (Jaleswar) HPP 70 Dudh Koshi Dudhkoshi Hydropower Nepal Pvt Ltd
176 Mudi Khola Hydropower Project 14.7 Mudi Khola Everest Energy and Infrastructure Fund Pvt. Ltd.
177 Lower Mid Rawa Khola HEP 4 Rawa Lower Mid Rawa Khola Hydropower ProjectPvt. Ltd
178 Menchet Khola HPP 7 Menchet Khola Ruby Valley Hydropower Com.Ltd.
179 Tamor Mewa 128 Tamor & Mewa Spark Hydroelectric Co. Ltd.
180 Midim 1 HEP 13.424 Midim Khola Mount Rasuwa Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.
181 Lower Tara Khola HPP 3.5 Tara Khola Pahadi Hydropower company Pvt Ltd
182 Myagdi Khola Hydropower Project 57.3 Myagdi Khola Hydro Village Pvt. Ltd.
183 Upper Bhurundi Khola SHP 3.75 Bhurundi Khola Ambe Hydropower Pvt. Ltd,
184 Nyasim HEP 35 Nyasem Khola Sita Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.
185 Upper Ingwa Khola 9.7 Ingwa Ingwa Hydopower Ltd.,
186 Upper Daraudi Hydropower Project 9.2 Daraudi Green Gorkha Energy Limited
187 Langdi Khola Small HEP 3.26 Langdi Ujyalo Nepal Hydro Pvt. Ltd.
188 Setikhola HEP 22 Seti Khola Setikhola Hydropower Pvt.Ltd.
189 Mewa khola HEP 23 Mewa Khola Union Mewa hydro ltd
190 Bagar Khola HEP 5.5 Bagar Khola Mona Hydropower Limited
191 Dudhpokhari Chepe HEP 8.836 Chepe Khola Dudhpokhari Chepe Hydropower Pvt. Ltd
192 Super Chepe HEP 9.05 Chepe Khola Ridge Line Energy Pvt. Ltd
193 Jum Khola HEP 56 Jum Sanima Jum Hydropower Pvt. Ltd
194 Upper Daraudi B Small HEP 8.3 Daraudi Kalika Construction Pvt.Ltd.
195 Upper Daraudi-C HEP 9.82 Daraudi Kalika Construction Pvt Ltd
196 Upper Balephi 46 Balephi Upper Balephi Hydropower Limited (Previously, Samjhana Acharya)
197 Ilep Tatopani Khola HEP 25 Tatopani(Ilep) Khola Jalshakti Hydro companu Pvt Ltd
198 Super Melamchi HEP 23.6 Melamchi Milarepa Energy Pvt Ltd
199 Upper Piluwa-1 HEP 7.7 Piluwa Menchhiyam Hydropower P Ltd.
200 Super Kabeli Khola A HEP 13.5 Kabeli Khola, Amji Khola Snow River Pvt. Ltd
201 Super Kabeli Khola Cascade HEP 12 Kabeli Khola Hilton Hydro Energy Pvt. Ltd.
202 Kabeli-3 HEP 21.93 Kabeli Kabeli Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd
203 Bhalaudi Khola HEP 2.645 Bhalaudi Bhalaudi Khola Hydropower Pvt. Ltd.
204 Isuwa Khola PRoR Cascade HEP 37.7 Isuwa Khola Isuwa Energy Pvt. Ltd
205 Arun Khola 2 HEP 2 Arun Khola Himalayan Engineering and Energy Pvt. Ltd.
206 Sona Khola HEP 9 Sona Khola, Khahare Khola Himali Hydro Fund Pvt. Ltd.
207 Mathillo Kabeli HEP 28.1 Kabeli Khola Peace Energy Company Pvt. Ltd.
208 Super Lower Bagmati HEP 41.86 Bagmati Super Bagmati Hydropower Pvt. Ltd
209 Middle Hongu Khola B HEP 22.9 Hongu Khola Gaurishankar Power Development Pvt. Ltd
210 Upper Seti HEP 20 Seti Khola, Sadhu Khola Upper Seti Hydro Pvt.Ltd.
211 Upper Deumai Khola Small HEP 8.3 Deumai Water Energy Solution Pvt Ltd
212 Sepli Khola HEP 5 Sepli Khola Sepli Hydropower Development Pvt. Ltd.
213 Tamor Khola-5 HEP 37.5 Tamor River Side Hydro Energy Pvt. Ltd
214 Kunban Khola HEP 20 Kunban Sushmit Energy Pvt. Ltd.
215 Himchuli Dordi HEP 57 Dordi Peoples Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd
216 Mathillo Thulo Khola A HEP 15 Thulo Khola Thulo Khola Hydropower Pvt. Ltd
217 Upper Sagu HEP 10 Khartal, Kothali(Sagu) Aalampu Jalbidhyut Bikash Company Pvt. Ltd
218 Tiplyang Kaligandaki HEP 58 Kali Gandaki Tiplyang Kaligandaki Hydropower Pvt. Ltd
219 Madhya Hongu Khola -A HPP 22 Hongu Khola Apex Makalu Hydropower Limited
220 Chino Khola HEP 7.9 Chino Butwal Power Company
221 Ghunsa Khola HEP 77.5 Ghunsa Khola Remit Hydro Ltd


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3 thoughts on “221 Hydropower Projects Under Construction In Nepal | To Generate 8,184 MW Electricity

  • November 5, 2021 at 3:44 am

    Sir, could you please provide me with the information about the current installed capacity of hydropower in Nepal.

    • November 13, 2021 at 12:56 pm

      According to the Nepal Electricity Authority, the country’s installed capacity of hydropower projects that supply electricity to the authority currently stands at around 2,000MW.


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