Industrial Capacity Utilization in Gandaki Province Grows by 2.2 Percent

January 7, 2024 | Investopaper

The capacity utilization of industries in Gandaki province stood at 45.8 percent in the last fiscal year 2079/80.

According to a provincial study report of NRB, the capacity utilization of the industries has increased by 2.2 percent in the reviewed fiscal year as compared to the previous fiscal year. In the fiscal year 2078/79, the average capacity utilization of the industries in the Gandaki province was at 43.6 percent.

In the Fiscal Year 2079/80, the share of industrial sector in the GDP of Gandaki Province is estimated to be 17.36 percent. In the previous year, the share of industrial sector in the GDP stood at 17.7 percent.

The edible oil industry has the highest capacity utilization at 96.76 percent. The capacity utilization of chocolate manufacturing industries is 74.57 percent, biscuit 62.80 percent, beer 63.89 percent, bricks 54.99 percent, liquid medicine 51.90 per cent, capsule 35.8 per cent, and dry syrup manufacturing industry 7.96 per cent.


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