Internet Users Surge By 23 Percent In Nepal

October 2, 2020 | Investopaper

The number of internet users in Nepal has increased significantly in the last two years. According to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, broadband internet users in Nepal have increased by 23 percentage points in two years. The number of mobile internet users has also increased by about 16 percent during this period. According to NTA, the number of broadband users has increased from 1.49 crores in Ashad 2075 to 2.22 crores in Ashad 2077. The access of internet has reached 74.43 percent as the number of users has increased.

Similarly, the fixed broadband internet has reached only 18 percent of the population. Fixed broadband internet is considered to be a reliable and fast internet. According to NTA, only around 55 lakhs people have access to fixed broadband internet. The largest companies providing fixed broadband internet services are Worldlink Communications and Nepal Telecom. WorldLink has 375,000 subscribers and Telecom has about 250,000 fixed broadband subscribers. Likewise, 45.34 lakhs people have access to the Internet through Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and 9.5 lakh people have access to the Internet through cable.

4G In Nepal

The number of 4G Internet users has tripled in the last two years. According to NTA, the number of 4G users was 17.7 lakh until Ashad 2075. However, the number of 4G users has exceeded 47.94 lakhs as of Ashad end, 2077. Most of the 4G customers are from Ncell. Ncell has 37.46 lakhs 4G subscribers while Nepal Telecom has 8.43 lakhs 4G users.

Similarly, the number of 3G service users is 1.16 crores. Nepal Telecom has the largest number of customers for this service with 86.26 lakh users. Ncell on the other hand, has 29.63 lakh 3G subscribers. Likewise, the number of mobile internet users is 55 percent of the population.The total number of mobile users in Nepal including Telecom, Ncell and Smart Telecom is 3.78 crores. This is based on the number of SIM cards issued by the service providers.


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