21.9 Million Internet Users In Nepal

June 15, 2020 | Investopaper

The number of internet users in Nepal has reached 21,191,468. According to the data of Chaitra 2076, released by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) recently, the number of Nepalese using the Internet through various services has reached 21.91 million. There were 182,48,461 internet users in Chaitra, 2075 BS.

Internet users have grown by about 5 percent in a year. During this period, 3.6 million people have access to the Internet. According to NTA, many Nepalese use the internet with the help of mobile data. Out of the total internet users, there are 16,519,987 mobile internet users and 5,394,081 fixed and wireless internet users. The share of mobile internet is 75 percent and the share of fixed and wireless internet is 25 percent.

NTA has mobilized the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund to provide broadband internet to localities, health institutions and community schools across the country. 100 percent broadband internet has reached 41 districts through this project. Private telecom and internet service providers (ISPs) have made significant progress in infrastructure construction. Internet users are on the rise due to customer attraction and service expansion.

Internet service providers (ISPs) have a 19.37 percent market share through fixed and wireless. There are 4,245,854 users of ISP. The number customers who have connected to ISP has reached 1.15 million. According to NTA, four or five people from the same household can use the service taken from the ISP. Although access to the Internet has expanded in small numbers as it can be shared and operated among families, the scope of access to the service has widened.

Mobile Internet

GSM mobile has been launched in Nepal since 2056 BS and mobile internet since 2057 BS. With the access of mobile service to the general public, 3G service was launched from 2064 BS and 4G service from 2073 BS. Due to the growing number of mobile data users, its subscribers have reached 75 percent.

Nepal Telecom is at the forefront of providing mobile internet service. Nepal Telecom has 1,67,620 service recipients. The company is providing services through mobile data, ADSL, WiMAX, EVDO, cable, internet lease line, radio and WiFi. Nepal Telecom has a market share of 48.72 percent. In the second place, Ncell, which is expanding its market by giving priority to mobile data, has a market share of 30.76 percent. It has total users 6,741,150. Smart Telecom has a market share of 1.15 percent. Smart Telecom has a market share of 1.15 percent. Its has 249,000 customers.

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