Know which country will lead the millionaires list by 2023

February 28, 2019 | Investopaper

Although the US and China top the list for the number of millionaires, the growth rate shows a different result. The countries which  have the highest growth rate for the fastest growing millionaire population by 2023 are ranked below:

No.1 Nigeria

 With an expected growth rate of 16.3 percent, west African country Nigeria tops the list for highest growth in the millionaire population by 2023.

2. Egypt

 This country which touches both Africa and Asia holds the 2nd spot in the list where the millionaire population could record a growth up to 12.5 percent by 2023.

3. Bangladesh

   South Asian country Bangladesh holds the 3rd spot in the list with an expected growth rate of 11.4 percent by 2023.

 4. Vietnam

    This Asian country which has boosted its economy through high structural investments grabs the 4th spot in the growth rate of millionaire population by 2023 accounting to a 10.1 percent rise in the number of millionaires.

   5. Poland

    European country Poland makes it to the top five list accounting to 10 percent rise in its millionaire population in the period of next five years.

 Other countries like China, Kenya, India, Ukraine, and the Philippines are also expected to make significant growth in millionaires population by 2023.


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