Laxmi Bank (LBL) Releases New Interest Rate

February 12, 2021 | Investopaper

Laxmi Bank Limited has released a new interest rate on its various deposit and loan products. The interest rates are effective from Falgun 1, 2077  BS [February 13, 2021].

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The bank offers 2-4 percent interest on its savings deposit. Likewise, in call deposits, the maximum interest rate is 1 percent. Similarly, the bank will provide up to 7 percent interest on its term (fixed) deposit products.

In case of lending, Laxmi Banks will float loans at a premium of up to 5 percent over the base rate. The base rate as of Poush end, 2077 BS is 7.24 percent. Likewise, the interest rate spread is 4.09 percent.

See the interest rate offered by Laxmi Bank below:

Laxmi Bank Interest Rate


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