List of ‘A’ Class Commercial Banks In Nepal [Updated]

August 21, 2022 | Investopaper

Commercial banks are the ‘A’ class financial institutions in Nepal. Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) regulates all the banks and financial institutions (BFIs) of Nepal.

NRB has grouped the BFIs into four major categories.

1. “A” Class Commercial Banks

2. B” Class Development Banks

3. C” Class Finance Companies

4. D” Class Microfinance Companies

There are currently 26 ‘A’ class commercial banks in Nepal as per Nepal Rastra Bank report of the Mid July 2022. All commercial Banks in Nepal provide deposit facility, various loan facilities, advanced ABBS services, Internet Banking along with the ATM facilities through their networks.

Nepal Bank (NBL) is the first commercial bank of Nepal. It was established on 1937. Nabil Bank is the first private sector bank of Nepal. It started its operation in 1984. Previously known as Nepal Arab Bank, Nabil Bank is the first foreign joint venture bank of Nepal.

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The table below shows the list of ‘A’ class commercial banks of Nepal along with the paid-up capital [Ashad’s End, 2079 BS].

List of ‘A’ Class Commercial Banks in Nepal

S.No. Bank Name Operation Date (A.D.)  Head Office
1 Nepal Bank Ltd. 11/15/1937 Dharmapath
2 Agriculture Development Bank Ltd. 1/21/1968 Ramshahpath
3 Nabil Bank Ltd. 7/12/1984 Beena Marg
4 Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. 3/9/1986 Durbarmarg
5 Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd. 2/28/1987 Nayabaneshwor
6 Himalayan Bank Ltd. 1/18/1993 Kamaladi
7 Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. 7/7/1993 Kesharmahal
8 Everest Bank Ltd. 10/18/1994 Lazimpat
9 Kumari Bank Ltd. 4/3/2001 Durbarmarg
10 Laxmi Bank Ltd. 4/3/2002 Hattisar
11 Citizens Bank International Ltd. 4/20/2007 Narayanhitipath
12 Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. 9/24/2007 Kamalpokhari
13 Sunrise Bank Ltd. 10/12/2007 Gairidhara
14 Century Commercial Bank Ltd. 3/10/2011 Putalisadak
15 Sanima Bank Ltd. 2/15/2012 Nagpokhari
16 Machhapuchchhre Bank Ltd. * 7/9/2012 Lazimpat
17 NIC Asia Bank Ltd. * 6/30/2013 Thapathali
18 Global IME Bank Ltd. * 4/9/2014 Panipokhari
19 NMB Bank Ltd. * 10/18/2015 Babarmahal
20 Prabhu Bank Ltd. * 2/12/2016 Babarmahal
21 Siddhartha Bank Ltd. * 7/21/2016 Hattisar
22 Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. * 7/14/2016 Kamaladi
23 Civil Bank Ltd. * 10/17/2016 Kamaladi
24 Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. * 1/1/2017 Bagbazar
25 Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. * 5/2/2018 Singhadurbar Plaza
26 Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. * 5/13/2018 Kamaladi

*Joint operation date after merger

‘A’ Class Commercial Banks In Nepal With Paid-Up Capital

Paid-up capital is the money provided by the shareholders into the company since the establishment. It includes the initial fund accumulated from the shareholders plus additional capital injected through right/ bonus shares or FPO as the company moves forward. Higher the capital, the greater the financial strength of the company. In times of economic difficulty, companies with huge capital tend to survive than companies with low capital.

In Nepal, ‘A’ class commercial banks should have a minimum capital of Rs 8 Arba. This is as per the directive by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the regulating body of the banking and financial institutions of Nepal. Until Mid July 2022, Global IME Bank Limited is the largest commercial bank of Nepal in terms of paid-up capital. Global IME Bank has Rs 23.79 Arba in capital. Nabil Bank is second to Global IME Bank with Rs. 22.83 Arba in capital. Civil Bank has the lowest capital of Rs. 9.07 Arba.

The paid-up capital of the 26 ‘A’ class commercial banks of Nepal is  shown in the table below:

Paid-Up Capital of Commercial Banks in Nepal

S.No. Commercial Banks Paid up capital (Rs.’Arba’)
1 Global IME Bank 23.79
2 Nabil Bank 22.83
3 Prime Commercial Bank 18.65
4 Agricultural Development Bank 18.62
5 NMB Bank 18.36
6 Nepal Investment Bank 18.3
7 Mega Bank Nepal 16.12
8 Rastriya Banijya Bank 14.94
9 Kumari Bank 14.71
10 Nepal Bank 14.4
11 Citizens Bank 14.2
12 Himalayan Bank 12.96
13 Prabhu Bank 12.7
14 Siddhartha Bank 12.52
15 NIC Asia Bank 11.56
16 Laxmi Bank 11.55
17 Sanima Bank 11.37
18 NCC Bank 11.13
19 Bank Of Kathmandu 10.62
20 Machhapuchchhre 10.25
21 Sunrise Bank 10.11
22 Nepal SBI Bank 9.82
23 Century Commercial Bank 9.55
24 Everest Bank 9.46
25 Standard Chartered Bank Nepal 9.42
26 Civil Bank 9.07

Note: Paid-up capital based on the financial statement of Mid-July 2022 [Ashad End, 2079 BS]

Paid-up capital of Agricultural Development Bank Limited (ADBL) includes Rs 5.43 Arba worth of Preference Share.

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    Himalayan bank limited is the best private commercial bank of nepal.

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    Prabhu bank bardibas have no photocopy machine

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    Being the first commercial bank to issue the Atm debit card in Nepal, Everest bank has the slowest ATM machines in some of its branches


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