List Of Banks (BFIs) With C-ASBA Service In Nepal


ASBA stands for Application Supported by Blocked Amount. It is a process for applying to public/rights issues by blocking the application money in the bank account. C-ASBA ensures centralized posting and verification of bank account numbers and DMAT account numbers.

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It eases monitoring of double application for issue managers and share registrars, cancellation of application upon double applications and prepare a final report for securities allocation. Mero Share application is the on-line system developed by CDSC through which the shareholders can apply application for IPO/FPO/Rights issues once they are registered through C-ASBA.

The table below shows the list of Banks and financial institutions (BFIs) with C-ASBA Service in Nepal.

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Banks With ASBA Service In Nepal

S.No ASBA Member Banks CODE
1 Agricultural Development Bank Limited 301
2 Bank of Kathmandu Limited 1101
3 Central Finance Limited 9906
4 Century Commercial Bank Limited 3101
5 Citizens Bank International Limited 2001
6 Civil Bank Limited 3001
7 Everest Bank Limited 1001
8 Excel Development Bank Limited 7502
9 Garima Bikas Bank Limited 6601
10 Global IME Bank Limited 1901
11 Goodwill Finance Company Limited 9001
12 Guheswori Merchant Banking & Finance Limited 9915
13 Gurkhas Finance Limited 8301
14 Himalayan Bank Limited 701
15 ICFC Finance Limited 9919
16 Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited 6001
17 Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Limited 6801
18 Kanchan Development Bank Limited 9945
19 Kumari Bank Limited 1601
20 Laxmi Bank Limited
21 Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited 5401
22 Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited 1501
23 Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Limited 9931
24 Manjushree Finance Limited 9935
25 Mega Bank Nepal Limited 2801
26 Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited 7201
27 Nabil Bank Limited 401
28 Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited 901
29 Nepal Bank Limited 101
30 Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Limited 1201
31 Nepal Investment Bank Limited 501
32 Nepal SBI Bank Limited 801
33 NIC Asia Bank Limited 2301
34 NMB Bank Limited 2501
35 Pokhara Finance Limited 9905
36 Prabhu Bank Limited 2601
37 Prime Commercial Bank Limited 2101
38 Progessive Finance
39 Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited 201
40 Reliance Finance Limited 9939
41 Sanima Bank Limited 4501
42 Saptakoshi Development Bank Limited 5901
43 Shangrila Development Bank Limited 7301
44 Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited 8101
45 Shree Investment Finance Company Limited 9201
46 Siddhartha Bank Limited 1801
47 Sindhu Bikas Bank Limited 6401
48 Srijana Finance Limited 8201
49 Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited 601
50 Sunrise Bank Limited 2201
51 Tinau Mission Development Bank Limited 7401
52 United Finance Limited 9801


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The notice below also shows the BFIs which have renewed the license for ASBA service for the fiscal year 2077/78:

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