Lumbini State Employment Portal Comes Into Operation

November 13, 2020 | Investopaper

The Lumbini Provincial Planning Commission has launched the Lumbini Provincial Employment Portal from Karthik 27, 2077.

The commission expects that the unemployed people in the state can be selected and the people who have filled the form in the employment portal can be identified and managed. The employment portal has been opened by the state government to facilitate employment management for the people who fill the form based on the ability of the applicant.

The petition of the unemployed person and the petition of the employer can be resolved through this portal. On the basis of the request, the state government will cooperate with the big companies, brick factories, cement industry and other industries in the state and help them to manage on the basis of capacity.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Internal Affairs and Law of Lumbini, Kul Prasad Ke Sile, said that the employment portal would be accessible to all as applications could be submitted from any part of the state.

Minister KC said that it would be easier for the government to manage employment if the actual number of unemployed in the state is identified. Ministers Lila Giri and Baijnath Chaudhary highlighted the importance of the portal.


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