522,733 Micro, Cottage, and Small-Scale Industries Operating in Nepal

November 30, 2021 | Investopaper

According to the Department of Industry, by the end of Ashad of the Fiscal Year 2077/78, the number of the micro, cottage, and small-scale industries has reached 522,733 in Nepal. In the last fiscal year alone, 83,386 such new industries have been registered. About Rs. 200 billion has been invested in the micro, cottage, and small-scale industries in one fiscal year.

While the Corona epidemic is affecting large industries and the economy, the micro, cottage and small-scale industries have witnessed expansion. In the fiscal year 2077/78, 48,852 industries have been registered in the agriculture and forestry industries. After forest and agriculture, the attraction is in tourism and other service sectors. During the same period, 18,218 new industries were added in the service sector alone. Similarly, 9,679 industries have been registered in the manufacturing sector and 5,693 in the tourism sector.

As of Ashad’s end  2078 BS, a total of 178,662 micro, cottage, and small-scale industries are operating in the service sector, 139,176 in agriculture and foresty, 107,779 in the manufacturing sector, 50,940 in the tourism sector.


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